Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is Linda's Mothers clock. When I visited last weekend I took the photo as it shows how I have felt the last few weeks. YEP, I do believe Tweety missed Silvester's head and hit mind. I was up again in the wee hours this morning hunting for some Tylenol.

The plant is out front and is surviving the cool spells rather well. Not long we will not have any zinnia to adorn the kitchen table.
This is the door prize, the purple mums, I won at the last Art Venture luncheon. I can home and put them in the ground immediately.

Prince took this Sunday morning photo as I was getting ready for 7:30 Church.

Prince also took this photo of the last hummers to be seen here. I have now taken down the feeders and washed them up to put away until next spring when the aguga blooms. Aunt Dot said when it blooms the hummers arrive. We live by that advice on the hill.
The kitty justice is to ramble along ever so often. Now to fight dragons and alligators. Peace

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