Saturday, October 31, 2009

We went to TSC in Fairview to pick up bird seed and corn for the wildlife. We always refer to these trucks as "Big Dogs" so I thought it neat that one happen to be parked under the sign.

On the way back home I took this photo and the next out the window at Hwy 100. It is really more colorful than it appears, because you could only see a small portion whereas I saw the whole scene.

This photo and the next were taken in front of Miranda's Market on Hwy 100. I could not figure out which one was the most festive so I have shown you both.

This is Happy Halloween from Home Depot affectionately called "Home Dope".
I wonder how many will be on sale after happy weenie. Might go and check.
Today we went looking for a leaf blower called "Little Wonder". It is a walk behind blower which would give relief from blower arm. After using the back pack blowers, Prince's arm is really tired. Anyway if you want to see what they can do you can google them. They have a video.
Alas, we did not get to see them, as one store was closed and the other we could not find. So we can home and took more photos on our walk down to the white barn.
The kitty justice is I will have to bore you with more TN. color.
Wishing the Great Pumpkin makes it to your place tonight.


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Sounds like and looks like you all had a nice trip. We have a Tractors Supply Store close up here and sometimes I go there for things and usually end up getting stuff I didn't go for.

Patty said...

Beautiful photos of fall leaves and displays. I'll have to check out that leaf blower thing you mentioned. The kind you carry around does kill the arm/shoulder. Last year instead of blowing them, I mulched them with out leaf blower, it can blow or suck, what a dusty mess that was. I told Abe I was going to wait until the old oak tree in the back last all of it's leaves, then sweep them off the patio and from around the tree where it's dirt, out into the grass and mulch them with the lawn mower, to me that makes more sense. Have a great Sunday.

Small City Scenes said...

Super nice pictures. We don't have a Tractor Supply out here. I see it advertised on TV though. We do have Skagit Farmers Supply and the Co-op and of corse Home dope. They must be everywhere. ha!!

we have 4 huge Sycamore trees in the fron near the house and they make a pile of leaves so I wait till they are all down and put them gardens. Or leave them or whatever.

Happy Haunt Day!! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Your last statement sounds a whole lot like me. Prince trys to get me in and out before I find something. Peace

I hope the blower is in stock around at the shops listed and it blows as well as the video shows. Prince spent most of Sunday evening blowing just the front yard and I helped him haul the leaves off behind the white barn. We made 4 trips before it got too dark. I was whining to quit. Peace

Wow, sounds like you get a leaf ocean out front like we do. Peace