Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wonder who lives in the Beech Tree? Below the old road to the barn.
Jackson's Hill with Maggie on the road to the barn.

Starting down to the barn. Looks as if she is saying "You coming or not?"

I do not think anyone will sit here today.
Maggie near the bottom of the drive. Prince is looking up the hill.

Looking left at the old Well House at the bottom of the drive.

Our road looking left to the four way stop. Notice some brave "fool" has already been out. Prince said he saw two cars while taking these photos.

Looking right down the road in front of our house.

Looking at the bottom of the driveway onto the road.

Maggie has snow on her nose from digging in the snow. Looking down the driveway.

Puppy's cabin in the snow. His first snow in his little cabin.

Near the front of the house looking down the drive. Check out how high the snow drift happens to be on the horse block.

It was 19 degrees when I got up this morning and the wind chill factor was 12 degrees. Prince braved the weather for photos and I braved the weather as far as the porch to fill up the bird feeders and scrap the opens for the seeds to come out to feed our feathered friends. I started out with no glove but after filling up two feeders, I saw the error of my ways and returned to the closet to dig out some gloves.
After I finished filling up the feeders, I also put some seed on the bench and porch so the ground birds could enjoy a meal too.
As I was having my first cup of coffee, my labors were justified because I was entertained by forty of more birds of different kinds.
Later before I started breakfast, Prince told me there were two fox squirrels on the corn pile . I got the glasses and watched as those huge fox squirrels stuffed themselves. I marvel every time I see them just how red and how long their tails happen to be.
Maggie other job is chasing the gray squirrels off the bird feeders. When I let her out on the porch early this morning, four deer were having their breakfast at the corn pile and her loud woof interrupted their meal.
The kitty justice today is to stay warm and inside, unless you are tempted to make a snow angel.

Friday, January 29, 2010

This should have been the last photo. It was taken at noon off the bottom back porch. It is snowing so hard you can hardly see the barn.
My stone cold mushrooms out front. LOL

Looking down off the top porch.

I am standing under the eve behind the box woods out front. The snow was blowing hard.
I did not have on the proper shoes to be outside.

It is snowing so hard that you can hardly see the Jackson's Hill and Bellevue and the skyline are hidden by the curtain of white.

This is how it looked from my window at nine this morning when it started to snow.
First of all sorry I got the photos backward.
At this moment it is about dinner time and the precipitation is a mixture of sleet and snow. It has not stopped all day and they predict it will not stop until noon tomorrow. I hope the power stays on but who knows.
Mimi and I fixed a big pot of beef stew for dinner and she is making cold water cornbread. Prince stopped at the store and brought in one of our favorites, Key Lime Pie.
The kitty justice is when it snows all day makes sure you have plenty to eat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Prince and I went to Publix on Saturday doing a little shopping for the evening meal, I saw several pots of spring flowers and I commented about the pretty color.
I thought nothing about what I had said until that afternoon Prince brought these home from our local Sam's Wholesale Club. He told me that when I had made the comment, he thought the next time I see some I shall get them for her. And he did. Isn't he such a wonderful Prince?
As most folks who like sports we watched both the AFL and NFL games . One of my teams won but the other did not. I really wanted Brett Farve to get one more chance at the Superbowl but the fumble and interception Gods had other plans.
Therefore, I will be pulling for the Colts in the Super Bowl.
The kitty justice is we have a breath of SPRING IN THE HOUSE and what Volunteer fan would not pull for the Colts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I try to not get upset over things that cannot be changed. I even looked in my copy of "The Book of Common Prayer" for a prayer but alas I could not find one.
Some folks are like our government just full of BS and love to blow smoke up your hind quarters. So since I could not find a prayers for all those BS folks I thought about making one up. Here goes.
Heavenly Father for all those BS who love to hear their own voice, Please make them silent so they can hear others.
Heavenly Father, for all those BS who think they are experts on all things, please give them the humility to see just how STUPID they happen to be.
Our most gracious Father, please let the smoke they try to blow up our hinds, come back down their chimney so they can suffer the caustic wind of their desires.
Please grant their offers of help to be made before and not after the fact. Therefore, they can truly help their fellow man.
And dear God, help me not to hit the next BS on the head.
Those of you who do not know such a BS are luck and those who do will understand my prayer.
The kitty justice is that they smother themselves with all the smoke they blow instead of strangling me. NUF SAID.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was after four in the evening when Maggie and I went to get the mail. Coming back up the hill, I noticed the bright white clouds above stormy ones. I ran inside and the first four photos were taken about 4:30 and I proceeded to put them on the computer. Thirty minutes later, I saw the dramatic dark clouds pour in , so I grabbed the camera and took some more photos. The last three photos were taken then.
The kitty justice is there is too much lighting going on to stay at the computer.
See Ya.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is my Burpday card from Prince. That is one happy puddy dog.

This is Swarovski crystal bird and flower. I put it on my kitchen window seal so I can look at it daily. Also, the sun reflects off the crystal and dancing rainbows light the walls of my kitchen.
The kitty justice is to enjoy life with the abandonment as the puddy dog illustrates.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm watching you eat that sandwich.

How I wish it would fall on the floor. Fall, Fall, Fall.
I'll just gather my toys and head to bed since you would not share.
The kitty justice is Maggie thinks when you EAT you should share with her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you enjoy watching wildlife in our state? There is a new website , The following facts were stated in our newspaper, The Tennessean just the other day.
TWRA(Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency), which is charged with preserving and enhancing the state's wildlife and its habitat, is largely funded by FISHING AND HUNTING LICENSES. That's the case even though most of the animal species in Tennessee cannot legally be hunted. 1.1 billion outdoor folks spent for licences.
The Kitty Justice is those who enjoy watching the wildlife should say a THANK YOU TO ALL THE HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN IN OUR STATE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Monday, January 11, 2010

Let us go downstairs to the first floor. This floor is the one that surprises everyone.
At the bottom of the stairs is a left turn and looking left you see the kitchen, dining area and part of the living area. It is one huge room. To the left of the brown recliner is the bathroom.(No photo)

This is the living area. The foot of the steps are at the end of the brown couch.
As you can see nothing much is on the shelves at this time. I let Puppy picked out the objects to decorate and pictures to hang on the wall.
The steps are visible in this photo. Puppy hung his Grandfathers WWII medals and also put his photo on the shelf. Pa and Grandma (my folks) gave him the air plane picture and the other hung over our bed when Puppy was small.

I placed the brass elephants and tea pot on the top shelf but everything else was arranged by Puppy. OOPS and empty top shelf. Wonder what the boy will put there?

The shelves above the dining table. The oak table was one that I bought at an auction when I was single. It was on the back porch of this old farm house and it took me three summers to strips several layers of paint off the table.The top and sides were not so hard to strip but the grooved legs were bears. There is a fifth leg that is not attached.

Back to the main floor.These are the steps going up to the top floor. I wanted to show you the pictures he used to decorate the middle floor. Also, note the lamps are different.

By the front door on the right he wanted to hang the Sitka Alaska painting I had done from Marcel's picture.

I put that mirror on the cedar chest as I said it would reflect light. He is not certain he will leave it there. He put the plane and the deer head on the wall. I noticed later the deer head was being used as a coat rack.

Note how he decorated the dresser and the picture he wanted to hang. He took the old clock off the mantle and put the long painting (12x36 Gallery wrap)I did of another one of Marcel's photos .
I think he has fixed the little cabin up to be a good place to hang his hat.
The Kitty Justice is my cat hairs puff up when I see what a good job he has done making the little cabin his home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

These photos were taken before the really cold weather and the snow. Puppy took all of these photos. He was just moving into the cabin.

This is the back of the blue door and your first look at the middle level. If you had just stepped into the cabin this would be on your right side.
In the previous photo you could see the beginning of the rock chimney. This view is a continuation of the chimney and the rest of the right side of the room.

This area is the left side of the blue door of the middle floor. The steps going up are to Puppy's bedroom and the door on the right of the photo is at the top of the steps going down into the bottom floor.

When you go up the steps to the top floor you will enter the room in front of the window. Puppy did not wish to put curtains up as he wanted to see the sun rise.

Here is where Puppy sleeps. That is Pa Christian's iron bed and the very first piece of furniture that I had when I moved away from home. I really think it is neat that he wished to use Pa's bed at the cabin.
It was 5.7 degrees this morning when Maggie wanted to go for the paper. The weather folks say it will be 25 degrees today and the next couple of days we will get into the thirties. Yeah.
The Kitty Justice is I will have to show how Puppy decorated the cabin and the bottom floor tomorrow.