Monday, January 25, 2010

I try to not get upset over things that cannot be changed. I even looked in my copy of "The Book of Common Prayer" for a prayer but alas I could not find one.
Some folks are like our government just full of BS and love to blow smoke up your hind quarters. So since I could not find a prayers for all those BS folks I thought about making one up. Here goes.
Heavenly Father for all those BS who love to hear their own voice, Please make them silent so they can hear others.
Heavenly Father, for all those BS who think they are experts on all things, please give them the humility to see just how STUPID they happen to be.
Our most gracious Father, please let the smoke they try to blow up our hinds, come back down their chimney so they can suffer the caustic wind of their desires.
Please grant their offers of help to be made before and not after the fact. Therefore, they can truly help their fellow man.
And dear God, help me not to hit the next BS on the head.
Those of you who do not know such a BS are luck and those who do will understand my prayer.
The kitty justice is that they smother themselves with all the smoke they blow instead of strangling me. NUF SAID.


Changes in the wind said...

To say that it is frusturating is putting it mild but for some reason of late I have been extremely encouraged. The tea party movement of just ordinary people, tired of both sides and wanted true representation, may be a beggining of things to come and a reminder to Washington that they work for us.

Small City Scenes said...

whew!!! I hope you are calming down. Some people and/or things are just impossible. Let's hope the prayer helps. MB

Jerri said...

It is frustrating isn't it? I am almost ashamed to say it, but I don't even watch the news's very frustrating.


Lady Di Tn said...

It is so hard for the ordinary Joe to keep abreast of what the reps are doing. You think someone might do better then they go off in left field and play with the good ole boys. It helps to rant and then pray things will get better. Peace

Yep as the book says if you cannot change the folks change your attitude. I guess I am in for a BIG ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. Peace

News is usually 99.9 per cent bad. We all need a good news station. Even TV shows are cut throat. Give me an ole movie any day. Peace

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ There is more Bovine Stuff in the Government than about any other place I can think of except perhaps a used car lot. The only differnce is that you can actually sue the used car lot if they lie to you about the BS they are selling you! ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

Amen Jerry. Peace

Middle Aged Southerner said...

Just a tad self righteous. I wish I knew what the answer is like you do.