Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was after four in the evening when Maggie and I went to get the mail. Coming back up the hill, I noticed the bright white clouds above stormy ones. I ran inside and the first four photos were taken about 4:30 and I proceeded to put them on the computer. Thirty minutes later, I saw the dramatic dark clouds pour in , so I grabbed the camera and took some more photos. The last three photos were taken then.
The kitty justice is there is too much lighting going on to stay at the computer.
See Ya.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

The clouds in the first four photos are amazing, but the last three look more threatening. Beautiful photos though.

Thanks for the supportive words on my weight loss. I find that eating very small meals six times a day (recommended by my physician) works wonders. My appetite also declined when I went on the insulin.

Be safe, my friend.

Jerri said...

Those clouds look very ominous. I bet you had a deluge of rain soon after......
I am enjoying your blog....this is my first visit.


Small City Scenes said...

Super shots. :ove the puffy white clouds but the black ones are so dramatic. Looks like rains a coming. Glad you had your camera at the ready. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. It is foggy and gloomy today. More rain expected tonight. I think I would do better to try the six small meals because if you get too hungry, I tend to overeat. Peace

Welcome to Kitty Justice. The rain came in buckets. Come back any time. Peace

Thanks. It did rain and rain some more. We are suppose to have more rain and the ground is already soaked. At least we are not having mud slides like California. Peace

DUTA said...

I agree with the others :amazing pictures of the sky and clouds, but the clouds in the last three pictures look threatening. Anyway you've done a good work capturing both situations.

Patty said...

Really, really nice photos of the evening sky/storm coming. I'm like you, when it starts storming, I like to shut off the computer. Have a great Sunday.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ The dark clouds look
so ominous and rain filled. Glad you got some rain, we would love some.
Wise to turn off the computer with thunder and lightning around.
Glad you liked the gargling joke.
It was funny. Take care, my friend.
Love, Merle. Peace be with you too.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and it did rain and rain some more. Peace

I agree the powers of nature must be respected and all machines should be off during mother natures moods. Peace

If I could send you some of the rain we have been having all over the US I would . Mother Nature may send you some soon but not quite as much at one time as Ca. has had. Peace

Stacey Huston said...

Great cloud photos Lady Di.. sure hope you had a wonderful Burp day... Don't sweat the petty stuff, but more importantly don't pet the sweaty stuff...