Monday, January 11, 2010

Let us go downstairs to the first floor. This floor is the one that surprises everyone.
At the bottom of the stairs is a left turn and looking left you see the kitchen, dining area and part of the living area. It is one huge room. To the left of the brown recliner is the bathroom.(No photo)

This is the living area. The foot of the steps are at the end of the brown couch.
As you can see nothing much is on the shelves at this time. I let Puppy picked out the objects to decorate and pictures to hang on the wall.
The steps are visible in this photo. Puppy hung his Grandfathers WWII medals and also put his photo on the shelf. Pa and Grandma (my folks) gave him the air plane picture and the other hung over our bed when Puppy was small.

I placed the brass elephants and tea pot on the top shelf but everything else was arranged by Puppy. OOPS and empty top shelf. Wonder what the boy will put there?

The shelves above the dining table. The oak table was one that I bought at an auction when I was single. It was on the back porch of this old farm house and it took me three summers to strips several layers of paint off the table.The top and sides were not so hard to strip but the grooved legs were bears. There is a fifth leg that is not attached.

Back to the main floor.These are the steps going up to the top floor. I wanted to show you the pictures he used to decorate the middle floor. Also, note the lamps are different.

By the front door on the right he wanted to hang the Sitka Alaska painting I had done from Marcel's picture.

I put that mirror on the cedar chest as I said it would reflect light. He is not certain he will leave it there. He put the plane and the deer head on the wall. I noticed later the deer head was being used as a coat rack.

Note how he decorated the dresser and the picture he wanted to hang. He took the old clock off the mantle and put the long painting (12x36 Gallery wrap)I did of another one of Marcel's photos .
I think he has fixed the little cabin up to be a good place to hang his hat.
The Kitty Justice is my cat hairs puff up when I see what a good job he has done making the little cabin his home.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Puppy has done an excellent job of decorating the little cabin. I love the way he uses your paintings to decorate and his choice of pictures is great.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit very much.


Mary said...

PS. Just sent you and email.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am glad to share Puppy's talents even if it is just decorating. Thanks for the lovely "Birthday card". Peace

Day4plus said...

Wow what a super job he has done. It looks very good and guyish too.

I miss marcel. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I think he did good but of course Mothers always do. Yep, Marcel is missed by many. Peace