Saturday, January 09, 2010

Looking out the kitchen window.

A couple of red birds who posed for me.

This Towhee kept going behind the log but alas he poked his head out and I captured him. Maybe next time I can get a better photo. I noticed this morning there were three males and one female eating my offerings.

These are my 60tTh Burpday presents to me, they are early presents because I do not turn 60 until almost midnight on One dozen(1-12). Stacey Houston at A focus in the wild made these of one of her lovely photos. I just loved the post "Bright Eyes" and she put the photo and caption on a couple of mugs for me. Now I can enjoy my coffee and her photo at the same time. Thanks Stacey.
There are other bloggers that I would love to get their books but with Puppy still in college, I will have to get them at different intervals. Like months apart.
I have spent most of the first week of January helping Puppy move in stuff to decorate and we cleaned his bathroom and kitchen. Prince fixed the kitchen sink so it would not leak and he also had to put a spring on the front door so it would close by itself.
It was senior day at Kroger this week and they were predicting snow and bad weather so Wednesday was a BEAR at the grocery store. I go in there and bumped carts with the best of them. heehee
Mimi had a six month doctors visit and it doing so well she does not have to go back until four months. Yeah for Mimi.
I have been battling sinus problems again but so far have not had to call a doctor. Last time I had to have some antibiotics to clear the horrible mess up. Every since, my back problems and I had to take so much medicine, I reluctantly put any in my mouth now.
It is suppose to warm up next week. That is wonderful news. It has been over a week since we were above freezing. Burr
The kitty justice is it is not suppose to be this cold in the SOUTH. Poor Florida, coats on the beach.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I'm glad you are getting Puppy settled and that Mimi is getting a bit of a break from running to the doctor's.

Love the photos. Tennessee is such a pretty state and I love the view from your hill.

I know what you mean about the sinus. Ask your doctor for some nasal spray. It helps keep the infections at bay.


Changes in the wind said...

Pretty but too cold for me...glad you take care of the birds:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you like my view. I do have a prescription nasal spray but so far it has not helped this year. I think it is just the unusual cold weather which has made my sinus problem worse. Peace

Too cold for this southern gal too. I try to keep them food out especially during the cold also we put out corn for the deer and turkeys. Peace

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful Cabin.. love it.. and so glad you like your cups!! enjoy !