Sunday, January 03, 2010

Puppy took this photo on January 1st while I was cooking dinner. It was cloudy on New Years Eve so we did not see the moon but for the last two evenings it has been "BIG and BRIGHT". Yesterday morning it was 12 degrees and today I noticed it was 11 degrees on our kitchen thermometer. Both heat pumps have been running continually. Prince has been building a fire in the den and keeping it going all day long.
We had gotten 3 new heaters for the cabin and Puppy said it was cozy and warm in his upstairs bedroom. He took photos yesterday so he could show them to his Mimi since she cannot go and see for herself how he has arranged the furniture on each floor.
Edward fired up his smoker and smoked meat yesterday and brought us over a care package. Puppy and Prince spent the majority of the day on the hickory tree that fell.
Prince and I went over to Puppy's to watch the bowl game 1st. I had forgotten how very quite it can be in the downstairs of the cabin. It was nice to see Tim Tebow and the Gators end up winning the game.
I have watched so many bowl games, it is hard to remember who, what and when.
I need a good ole fashion movie to clear the game balls from me head. Speaking of movies, The Hangover, is hilarious. It does have VERY bad language in the movie because it is four guys going to celebrate the last evening of one of them being single. Puppy went to see "Avatar" and said it was fantastic.
FYI we did get the Monster tree down and out on the last day of 2009. Prince will cut it into kindling to make fires downstairs easier to build.
Mimi has gotten healthy enough that I can now start back to art class this month. I cannot wait to put paint in my paint box and pick up my brushes. I also cannot wait to see Mz Hazel King and all the other painters who will be there. It will be like homecoming week. Some old and some new. I feel my batteries are in a real need to recharge.
The kitty justice is to continue to have ordinary days in 2010 and welcome to a New Decade.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Yes, it is a new decade and I'm glad that Mimi is well enough that you can go back to art class. I know how you must miss your paints and the wonderful ladies there.

Lovely picture taken from your hill. We were in PA coming home but didn't see many lights as it was too foggy. No clear skies on the way home. Fog and snow.

Enjoy your day, my friend.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful Night shot !! Great post !!

DUTA said...

The picture with the big bright moon is fantastic.

Good Luck with your art classes, and with everything else in this new year and beginning of new decade!

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I am so glad you are keeping warm with big fires and the heaters. The moon picture is nice, but I love your header one - lovely.
We are due for another heatwave at
the end of the week 39C Friday and both Sat and Sun 40C which is 104 F
So I will be indoors with the Air/con going flat out.
I am so glad you are able to go back to your Art class and see your friends again. Take care, my friend,Love and Peace.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. We enjoyed another moon rise on Sun 1-3 and awoke this Monday with 9.5 degrees on the hill. Burr. The problem is we will not go above freezing until Wed or Thurs when the high is to be 33 degrees. Peace

Unseen, Thanks and Peace

Glad you liked the moon shot that Puppy took. I really have not ventured out the last couple of days except to take a few photos of Puppy cutting wood. Thanks and the same to you. Peace

When it is this cold it is hard to remember the hot weather of the summer. I took the header photo the one morning the week of Christmas. Maggie dog makes sure I see each sunrise. Keep cool and Peace.

Small City Scenes said...

Great shots. I am glad Mimi is well enough that you can return to art classes. Homecoming I am sure. MB