Friday, January 29, 2010

This should have been the last photo. It was taken at noon off the bottom back porch. It is snowing so hard you can hardly see the barn.
My stone cold mushrooms out front. LOL

Looking down off the top porch.

I am standing under the eve behind the box woods out front. The snow was blowing hard.
I did not have on the proper shoes to be outside.

It is snowing so hard that you can hardly see the Jackson's Hill and Bellevue and the skyline are hidden by the curtain of white.

This is how it looked from my window at nine this morning when it started to snow.
First of all sorry I got the photos backward.
At this moment it is about dinner time and the precipitation is a mixture of sleet and snow. It has not stopped all day and they predict it will not stop until noon tomorrow. I hope the power stays on but who knows.
Mimi and I fixed a big pot of beef stew for dinner and she is making cold water cornbread. Prince stopped at the store and brought in one of our favorites, Key Lime Pie.
The kitty justice is when it snows all day makes sure you have plenty to eat.


Small City Scenes said...

So....did you want it to snow? Or are you ready for some Spring like weather. I have another blogger friend in Tennessee and she loves the snow and is so happy. I am DONE with winter and we will probably get dumped on in February. LOL

Very nice pics. MB

Jeanette said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR its snowing there and ive got air con going over here in Aussie land.. 38c today =100f more heat tomorrow well I suppose should expect heat we are in middle of summer.

Jerri said...

There is no escaping this white stuff is there? Up here it helps the economy with skiing and snowmobiles. Have a good day and stay warm with a cup of tea.......


Marcel said...

I see you did get snow. Have fun!

Lady Di Tn said...

Since it is still officially winter, I do not mind the snow. I just do not wish for it to stay too long. This is the first really deep snow we have had in awhile. Four inches this morning. Peace

Since we are on opposite sides of Mother Earth we have those cold days for you to cool off by reading in your summer. Peace

Middle TN usually does not have very much of the white stuff so it is a treat at first. It can melt anytime now. I have my photos. Peace

We got 4 inches blanket to play in today. Peace