Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wonder who lives in the Beech Tree? Below the old road to the barn.
Jackson's Hill with Maggie on the road to the barn.

Starting down to the barn. Looks as if she is saying "You coming or not?"

I do not think anyone will sit here today.
Maggie near the bottom of the drive. Prince is looking up the hill.

Looking left at the old Well House at the bottom of the drive.

Our road looking left to the four way stop. Notice some brave "fool" has already been out. Prince said he saw two cars while taking these photos.

Looking right down the road in front of our house.

Looking at the bottom of the driveway onto the road.

Maggie has snow on her nose from digging in the snow. Looking down the driveway.

Puppy's cabin in the snow. His first snow in his little cabin.

Near the front of the house looking down the drive. Check out how high the snow drift happens to be on the horse block.

It was 19 degrees when I got up this morning and the wind chill factor was 12 degrees. Prince braved the weather for photos and I braved the weather as far as the porch to fill up the bird feeders and scrap the opens for the seeds to come out to feed our feathered friends. I started out with no glove but after filling up two feeders, I saw the error of my ways and returned to the closet to dig out some gloves.
After I finished filling up the feeders, I also put some seed on the bench and porch so the ground birds could enjoy a meal too.
As I was having my first cup of coffee, my labors were justified because I was entertained by forty of more birds of different kinds.
Later before I started breakfast, Prince told me there were two fox squirrels on the corn pile . I got the glasses and watched as those huge fox squirrels stuffed themselves. I marvel every time I see them just how red and how long their tails happen to be.
Maggie other job is chasing the gray squirrels off the bird feeders. When I let her out on the porch early this morning, four deer were having their breakfast at the corn pile and her loud woof interrupted their meal.
The kitty justice today is to stay warm and inside, unless you are tempted to make a snow angel.


Small City Scenes said...

Oh brrr. that is way to cold and way too much snow for me. I am so glad to care for all the birds and other animals. Did you get any pictures of the Fox. That would be neat to see. Maggie looks like she is enjoying herself. The pictures are lovely. Snow makes everything so soft and pretty.
Stay warm!!! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Warming up on Ground Hog day even though he predicts six more weeks of winter. Still snow on the ground. The fox squirrels were too far away for me to get a photo. Peace