Friday, April 30, 2010

On April 5, 2010 Nashville lost one of the best ambassadors of the South. Carol Fay Ellison who was known as "The Biscuit Lady" at the Loveless Cafe. I remember one cold January day, my friends, Pammie Poo and Mz Bubbles went to celebrate my burpday and Carol Fay was so kind and entertained us in a truly southern hospitality. She started working at the Loveless as a teenager in 1987. She was on national television shows with her big smile and I laughed very hard when she quickly told Martha Stewart if she told her the secret of the biscuit recipe she would have to kill her. She was a Nashville treasure and she will be missed by everyone who enter Loveless Cafe . May you rest in Peace Mz Carol Fay.
The money plant has bloomed and now beginning to produce little green circles of seeds where all those purple flowers entertained us for awhile. I have fixed the bird bath since this photo, so it will hold water and the blue birds along with others can bathe in clean water.

Did not take long for TN to turn a luscious green.

A close up of the dogwood tree that stands by the bird bath. These blooms are also gone now. For some reason here on the hill, the white dog woods bloom profusely but the pink only had a few blooms. The smallest pink dog wood on the hill had more blooms than the larger ones. I found this quite strange as everything else has bloomed better than usual this spring.
The Kitty Justice is that people are like flowers, they are beautiful while they grace us with their presents.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last week, Mimi yelled for me to come and see what was wrong with this big bird she could see from her bedroom window. She said it could not fly. If you are not squeamish you will see he is mantling his dinner.
After I noted what kind of bird it was, I grabbed my camera and went to my bedroom to get a better angle. This is how far away he was and the birds were diving at him.

This photo and the next two are not as clear but remember I was shooting through our blinds and trying not to be noticed. He did give me a leave me alone look a few times.

This last shot, he was moving his head so much trying to ward off the dive bombing birds and in an instant he took his meal and headed off to parts unknown.
The kitty justice was to get to see my favorite big bird (Red tail Hawk) so close.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mimi turned 91 last week and she still has an adorable smile just like she did back when she was five. I found this old newspaper clipping and thought I would share it with yawl.
I planted the supertunias with the hot pink geranium that I got at Martins in Murfreesboro. The following photos are also of plants I got at Martins.

The white petunias hung down so far, they covered the cat holder so I have moved them to a black iron plant holder which is much taller. I have put a pot of purple jew on the cat holder.

I always like to put red geraniums near the humming bird feeders. We are beginning to get more visitors even though the honeysuckle is in full bloom in the wild.
We celebrated Mimi Burpday for a couple of days. Having Cousin Bill over on the real day and I had fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw and fresh green beans and to top it off a fudge brownie cake with vanilla ice cream. The next night we met Edward and his family at the local Las Palmas . Their food is always good and Mimi got a Margarita to celebrate. The family had to promise not to tell them that it was her burpday as she does not wish people singing to her in public nor did she want whip cream put on her nose.
Ever since her hip replacement, she has done marvelous. Her legs bothers her a little but she does not complain.
The kitty justice is we all have pretty flowers to watch bloom and years of good life to celebrate.

Here's my little cedar chair that was made from our tree. The kitty justice is I almost forgot this photo. LOL

Friday, April 23, 2010

On the left as you enter the cemetery where Confederate Circle is located is this sign. The following four photos are close ups so you can read the story.

The flag and large monument are at the center of the circle . On either side are monuments that list names of a very few of the known dead. Remember there are two thousand buried here. Around the outer circle are vertical state stones and confederate marker.

Closer look at the monuments with names listed. Note in the background the outer marker.

This is the monument on the right side.

Plaque on the flag pole.

Our state marker on the outer circle.

Between the state markers were the CSA marker on the outer circle.

The historical marker at the entrance of the Confederate Circle.

As we were leaving Confederate Circle, I looked over to see a lone dogwood framed up between two large oaks. Our next stop would be Martins to check out the flowers. I got a hanging basket of white petunia, some purple supertunias and some hot pink geraniums and one deep red geranium.
The kitty justice was to say a prayer for our boys in Gray and head home to plant my flowers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is a historical marker on the lawn of the court house.
This is the wee bull named Shamus whose Mother we were told was named Fiona. He was a three month old Scottish bull.

The previous five photos are of the Scottish Clans getting ready for the festival. I saw not a smile until I saw the lass with the bull. Serious bunch of folks. Maybe they were all smiling when the music and festival began. Had to get home so could not stick around.

Back of the court house. The photos before and after are the stores and streets around the square.

We parked in front of this area and began our walk around the Court House.
The kitty justice is it was a beautiful way to start our day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Court house of Murfreesboro. A Scottish festival was gonna be held on the square and photos will follow tomorrow.
Tribute to the Confederate soldiers is on the right side of the square.

The image of the soldier is better in this photo. He is facing North. The following photos are a close up of the soldier and the plaques on the monument.

During the battle the Stones river in the previous post ran red with the blood of the four thousand who lost their lives. Some were never identified. Murfreesboro has a National Cemetery but the southern boys were not allowed to be buried there as they were considered traitors . After three different burials, they now rest in the Confederate Circle in a cemetery near Oaksland.
The kitty justice is that we learn from history and not forget what we learn.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is the entrance of the river walk . Ah, more purple.

Boater putting into the river along with biker, fishermen below the dam. The parking lot had several car but there were more folks on the walk than cars so there must be other places to enter.

The dam to the left. The river seemed low as there were lots of rocks showing.

I found a path out to the rocks and I was actually standing lower than the dam and river.

I was almost eye level to the ripples of the water.

The sound of the water rushing over the falls was smoothing to hear.

On the bridge looking down the river to the dam.

The bridge for the walkers and bikers to enjoy a nice crossing.

The river on the upper side of the bridge. Looks peaceful.

On our return to the truck, I noticed down river was an old railroad bridge. Remember the railroad played a major part in the Big Conflict. I think that tree has more character than any seen in Murfreesboro.
The kitty justice is to remember the name Stones River and look up the battle.