Friday, April 02, 2010

After Maggie had done her job and received her payment, I went outside with her and took a photo of the moon going down.
Then I came back inside and went out on the back porch to see the sun rising.

I needed a few things at out local Ace Hardware on Highway 100, so I took my camera along to show how nice and pretty our parking lots are on Highway 100. If you are not from this area you would pronounce it One Hundred and if you are a true local, you would pronounce the highway as Highway HUN ERD.

The previous photo was a close up of this flowering Cherry tree.
In the same parking lot there is a Red bud tree and a Bradford pear. Neither are hardy trees and the winds of Tennessee usually makes firewood out of them before they are very old.

Harpeth Heights Baptist Church has a whole row of Bradford pears. The next photo is a close up of one of them. Our entire area looks as if cotton swabs have gone bad or some may say fluffy white trees.

The above photo is a close up of the following cherry tree. It was not in a parking lot but in the side yard of one of the houses in the first subdivision down the hill from our home. I admired it on the way down the hill to the store and noted to stop by and snap a few photos.

We are suppose to get back into the low eighties again today and it is just as pretty as yesterday.
I had to go to the dreaded grocery store for supplies for Easter dinner. Yep, Kitty is cooking. The menu will be honey baked ham, rolls, mashed potatoes topped with cheese, fresh asparagus , apricot congealed salad and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I had thought about a cherry cobbler and may yet change the peach to cherry. Everyone loves cherry cobblers so I will probably go with that and save my frozen peaches for another day. The cherries are from our very own trees.
Starting the next week, I have got to start making preserves so I will have room for the fruit of this season. I made one batch of raspberry preserves before I hurt my toe and had intended to do one batch at least a week until I had them all finished.
Instead I got a forced vacation.
The farmer in me wants to dig dig dig in the dirt and I am having a hard time waiting for the ground to warm up as Mother taught me to do.
With the warm weather comes the BUGS THAT BITE. I went out without skin so soft and got two rather nasty mosquito bites.
The kitty justice is to be enjoy the puffy trees in our parking lots.


Small City Scenes said...

Everything seems beautiful right now. All the Pear trees are gorgeous. the flowering cherry are about done--but some homes have rows up their driveways and it looks so extreme.

It is cold here. Yesterdays high was 43. brrr

I will go visit my Mother on Sunday so I have no idea what we will be having for dinner.

A Blessed Easter to you. MB

Jerri said...

You are so ahead of us in your blooming season. Although all the snow has left our area our flowers are at least a month away.....


Lady Di Tn said...

We are enjoying 80-60 weather but we will dip back into the high 30 close to the coming weekend. I sure think you should show us those extreme driveways with all their cherry trees in bloom. Hope you had a nice visit with your Mother. Peace

You are a wee bit more north than us so I would expect later blooms from yawl. At least the snow has left for anothe year for you. Peace

DUTA said...

I like everything about cherries: the tree, the flower, the fruit, the gem, the confiture, the cherry pie..

I don't like bugs. Last week I attended a BBQ in the garden, and after a while we had to fly inside to go on with our meal, as the bugs started to bite.

Nice post, stunning pictures!

Maria said...

It's good to see your puffy white trees! And your Easter menu sounds really delicious!
You are also ahead of us in Austria in your blooming season. Here the frist trees begin to bloom. Japanese cherry trees... The mornings are still very cold, under 40°F, but the sun is bright, blue sky - wonderful!
Re bugs: Yesterday I killed a tick which was sitting on the cat searching for fresh blood!
Have a nice time and I hope your toe will be OK soon!

Lee said...

Lovely pics, Lady Di! Nature is a wondrous thing and something we should never take for granted.

Lady Di Tn said...

I feel the same about cherries. One of the wonderous fruits and beautiful trees. The meal turned out really well and I am using the left over ham to make Lima Bean Chowder as the weather took one of the spring cool turns for the next couple of days. Peace

Sorry to hear you have those nasty bugs. I have yet to see the use for ticks or mosquitos however, I am sure there was one. Since becoming a diabetic bug bites make awful places on me now. The tick I found was already dug in and had had a good meal before his discovery. Peace

Ever so true. Peace