Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is the entrance of the river walk . Ah, more purple.

Boater putting into the river along with biker, fishermen below the dam. The parking lot had several car but there were more folks on the walk than cars so there must be other places to enter.

The dam to the left. The river seemed low as there were lots of rocks showing.

I found a path out to the rocks and I was actually standing lower than the dam and river.

I was almost eye level to the ripples of the water.

The sound of the water rushing over the falls was smoothing to hear.

On the bridge looking down the river to the dam.

The bridge for the walkers and bikers to enjoy a nice crossing.

The river on the upper side of the bridge. Looks peaceful.

On our return to the truck, I noticed down river was an old railroad bridge. Remember the railroad played a major part in the Big Conflict. I think that tree has more character than any seen in Murfreesboro.
The kitty justice is to remember the name Stones River and look up the battle.


Maria said...

So beautiful spring colours! I love your tunnels of purple!
This weekend in Vienna will be warm and the cherry trees will bloom!
Thanks for your visit :)
Have a nice weekend ahead!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I will be expecting photos of those cherry trees. Peace

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Hi Lady Di Tn,

The post is too good, with the purple being the prime of the post :) I loved it :)

With reference to your question on my Ramdara Temple Near Loni post, yes, you can take the picture for your art class :) A bit shameful of me to ask, but can you inform your friends there that you took it from my blog? Sorry for such a silly request :(

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Lovely photos as usual
and the bridge looks nice and all the purple terrific.
Thak you so much for your comments and concern for my pain. Thankfully, my leg feels much better, so must be the new Endone tablets, they make me sleepy, so will alternate them with my Panadol-osteo. I hope your toe soon heals properley as it has been
very painful for you. Glad you enjoyed the jokes my friend. Take care, Love, Merle. Peace to you.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful area---love the foot bridge.
Remember not too long ago we thought nothing would ever turn green and have beautiful flowers and now---here it is. The water is beautiful too. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks I will be happy to tell my classmates about your blog but most are seniors and do not even use a computer. Thanks again for your generousity. Peace

I am so thrilled to hear you are doing better. I got to go to Church today as I can now wear real shoes instead of flip flops. It is still tender but much much better. Glad you like the purple. One of my favorite colors. Peace

With nice warm days, it does not take long for things to bud and turn green. Peace

Patty said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit and take photos. I bet the sound of the water was soothing. Thanks for your visits.

Lee said...

I love the take wonderful photos, Lady Di and I'm glad you share them with us.