Sunday, April 18, 2010

Court house of Murfreesboro. A Scottish festival was gonna be held on the square and photos will follow tomorrow.
Tribute to the Confederate soldiers is on the right side of the square.

The image of the soldier is better in this photo. He is facing North. The following photos are a close up of the soldier and the plaques on the monument.

During the battle the Stones river in the previous post ran red with the blood of the four thousand who lost their lives. Some were never identified. Murfreesboro has a National Cemetery but the southern boys were not allowed to be buried there as they were considered traitors . After three different burials, they now rest in the Confederate Circle in a cemetery near Oaksland.
The kitty justice is that we learn from history and not forget what we learn.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Amazing place and more amazing are your photos :)

There's an award waiting for you on my post named Beautiful Blogger Award, because your blog is wonderful!

DUTA said...

The notion of 'civil war' is much mentioned lately, as there are people that think America might undergo another civil war (God forbid!) because of the economy and because of the last elections which have significantly divided american people.

Anyway , the monument and the inscriptions in your post are a reminder that war is the worst thing that could happen; it involves bloodshed and loss of many young lives and it causes a terrible trauma in the life of a nation.

LZ Blogger said...

I'll have to get down there some time! It looks wonderful. ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I will be over soon to get the award. Peace

It would be a shame if another civil war broke out but rumors sometime carry a little truth. Just check out the tea party movement. It would be a disgrace if such happen as young people need a happy beginning and not war. Peace

Thanks. This whole area is brimming over with history and you would not be bored. Peace

Lee said...

Interesting post, Lady Di...thanks.