Thursday, April 01, 2010

If you listen closely, you can hear the hostas as they unfurl their leaves.From the ones out front.

The snowball bush is greening up and if the buds are any indication, we will have lots of big white balls on the bush. You can see the rocks I have added to make a bed and the Creeping Jenny, which is a chartreuse green.
These are three Na king cherry bushes which stand above my little garden. I took two closer photos and can you imagine each blossom a tiny cherry.

When a volunteer was dividing plants which were too thick at the Presbyterian Hillsboro Road Church, I was given one of these bushes and I have no idea what it is called. Maybe someone out in blog land does.

We have lots of vinca around the yard and I love the pretty little purple blooms.

These are tiny flowers from bulbs and were here when I arrived on the hill, I have moved them to several places and they are doing well but again I have no idea what their names happen to be.

The Hawthorne bush is in full bloom. This is a close up of the pretty red flowers. The bush was only a couple of sprigs when Mr. Frank brought it up on the hill and now it is taller than I(over five feet).
Today has been a wonderful day. It is the third day I have been able to take a step without pain. I have been out and about the yard doing this and that. I read about a home made weed killer so I tried it around my flower beds. It is 2 Tbsp of rubbing alcohol mixed with 2 cups of water. Put in a spray bottle and go after those weeds. I hope it works and will let you know how it appears.
I also tried to stop the leak in our concrete bird bath out front. I hope I fixed the beggar. The blue birds love to land in the dogwood tree and then come down and bathe in that bird bath.
I would lose myself and then find myself outside. I put up the umbrella on the picnic table and then sat and enjoyed the breeze.
Some how or other I managed to stay outside for a good six hours. Where does the time go when you are enjoying working outdoors. All task were done at a leisurely pace and then I sat on one of the benches out front while Puppy ate his lunch and we chatted about life in general.
Now we will not break a record where the weather is concerned, the record for this date is 86 degrees but we are to make the low eighties.
The kitty justice is if this is a day for fools then lets have a few more like this one.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Great photos and a lovely sunny day - how good for you,
And I am so glad the toe is slowly coming good. Our temperatures are
about the same - low 80s F -26 C.
They are very pleasant.
I am waiting for Geoff and Jo to arrive. Glad you enjoyed the jokes and made you smile or LOL. Take care
my friend and Have a very Happy Easter. Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

The one with the spikey leaves curled is a holly but I don't recall seeing leftover blooms on them. That part looks almost like last year's butterfly bush.

Small City Scenes said...

Finally some one is having beautiful days. I will try your weed stuff.
Not to disagree with Abe but the shrub shown is a type of Mahonia. We have quite a lot out this way. The leaves do look like Holly leaves though.

We are having gray and rainy days. Lots of wind and very cold for April Highs in the mid 40s. Brrr!! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It is funny we are having about the same kind of weather. I love the 80-60 weather days. Enjoy your son's visit. Peace

I thought it might be a holly since it has spikey leaves. Those flowers turn into purple fruit for the birds. Peace

it has been glorious weather here all week. Last week was not so kind. I will google Mahonia and see if I can find out which one it happens to be. Be sure to send that weather north and not south. Burr. Peace