Friday, April 30, 2010

On April 5, 2010 Nashville lost one of the best ambassadors of the South. Carol Fay Ellison who was known as "The Biscuit Lady" at the Loveless Cafe. I remember one cold January day, my friends, Pammie Poo and Mz Bubbles went to celebrate my burpday and Carol Fay was so kind and entertained us in a truly southern hospitality. She started working at the Loveless as a teenager in 1987. She was on national television shows with her big smile and I laughed very hard when she quickly told Martha Stewart if she told her the secret of the biscuit recipe she would have to kill her. She was a Nashville treasure and she will be missed by everyone who enter Loveless Cafe . May you rest in Peace Mz Carol Fay.
The money plant has bloomed and now beginning to produce little green circles of seeds where all those purple flowers entertained us for awhile. I have fixed the bird bath since this photo, so it will hold water and the blue birds along with others can bathe in clean water.

Did not take long for TN to turn a luscious green.

A close up of the dogwood tree that stands by the bird bath. These blooms are also gone now. For some reason here on the hill, the white dog woods bloom profusely but the pink only had a few blooms. The smallest pink dog wood on the hill had more blooms than the larger ones. I found this quite strange as everything else has bloomed better than usual this spring.
The Kitty Justice is that people are like flowers, they are beautiful while they grace us with their presents.


Small City Scenes said...

What a beautiful smile Mz Carol Faye has. She surely will be missed.

Love all the flowers and the Spring green. that is what it looks like here. I love the "obscene green" woods.

I must get me to the greenhouses and pick up some annuals to grace my gardens too.

Super Hawk pictures. Glad you got them.

Happy birthday to your Mimi. My Mother turned 94 April 2nd. I bet those two would have some stories to tell. MB

DUTA said...

It reminds me of the heavenly biscuits I used to eat at an aunt of mine in my childhood days. She woudn't disclose their secret even to her daughter. My mother tried to find out by experiencing with various ingredients, but in vain.

I very much agree with your concluding sentence on people and flowers.

Jerri said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady..........


Patty said...

Sounds like she was a lovely person. ?Also sounds like she was quite young to have died so early.

I know TN always greens up a lot faster then Ohio. Thanks for your visits.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Green and TN usually go hand and hand. I never saw Carol Fay unless she was smiling. It would be fun to get those two together and then become a fly on the wall. No telling what we youngster would find out. LOL Peace

Her biscuits were great and the Loveless does have the secret. However, the biggest secret was the love she put into them. Thanks and Peace

Thanks and Peace

She was only 48 is my memory serves me. YOUNG. We do get a little greener before yawl being you are up further north. Peace