Friday, April 23, 2010

On the left as you enter the cemetery where Confederate Circle is located is this sign. The following four photos are close ups so you can read the story.

The flag and large monument are at the center of the circle . On either side are monuments that list names of a very few of the known dead. Remember there are two thousand buried here. Around the outer circle are vertical state stones and confederate marker.

Closer look at the monuments with names listed. Note in the background the outer marker.

This is the monument on the right side.

Plaque on the flag pole.

Our state marker on the outer circle.

Between the state markers were the CSA marker on the outer circle.

The historical marker at the entrance of the Confederate Circle.

As we were leaving Confederate Circle, I looked over to see a lone dogwood framed up between two large oaks. Our next stop would be Martins to check out the flowers. I got a hanging basket of white petunia, some purple supertunias and some hot pink geraniums and one deep red geranium.
The kitty justice was to say a prayer for our boys in Gray and head home to plant my flowers.


{B} said...

Your photos are fantastic...and the history there is fascinating...a place I'd love to visit someday. Thanks for the visit to my blog..and the encouragement for the knee surgery. Vigilant, I will be...I want to be back taking photos, soon! Thanks...Billie

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ What an interesting
post from History, and the cemetery
looks nice and well taken care of. I
loved all the photos -- well done.
Thank you so much for your comment
and good wishes. John has been such a help lately. I got lovely specialists who treated me as a person, not just some old lady. So kind and reassuring. All is going well and if I need an operation on the aneurysm it can be done through the groin, but no mad rush.
The surgeon is going to look at the scans and write to me. I have had so many tests and problems lately I feel very flat now it is over. Need some pep pills to get moving again. I am so sorry your toe is still so sore, it has been a long time, so I hope maybe next week it will allow some shoes & sox
Take care, my friend.Love Merle.
Peace to you also.

Small City Scenes said...

So interesting. I like reading about the history of everyplace. I like visiting cemetaries, specially the older one. So full of historic information. such a tragedy during any war time. Imagine all the unknown fallen. MB

Jerri said...

I wish I would have had access to your blog when I was homeschooling my children. The photography is flawless and the history lesson is so interesting.


Patty said...

Very interesting blog about the history in your area.

Thanks for your visits, sorry I haven't been around much, it seems this whole month of April has been busy, busy, busy. Have a great week-end.

DUTA said...

It always gives me goosebumps when contemplating monuments, inscriptions,names of people who have died in wars.

The pictures in your post are great. I often wonder what model of camera you use, but I'm sure it's your ability to capture objects rather than the quality of the camera, that gives such good results.

Changes in the wind said...

My favorite picture is the one with the flag pole....very honorable.

Lee said...

Great post, Lady Di...very usual. Thanks for sharing. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

One of my art buddies just had two knees done at the same time and we were acting silly last week at the luncheon and we twirled around a little to the music. She is a lovely lady and was vigilant about the rehab. Peace

Glad to hear you have such wonderful doctors. That is more than half the battle won. Now with loving family and good care you will do will when the time comes for the surgery.

Thanks. I have a fondness of cemeteries too. To me they are a special place and just be treated with respect. I have always said vandals of graveyards have a certain place in Hell reserved for them. Peace

Thanks that was a wonderful compliment. Peace

Thanks. TN does have lots of history both good and bad. I hope Abe is doing well. Peace

For Mothers Day last year I was given a Sony 350 and I am still learning . It is rather simple all I do is pick the type of photo and then point and shoot. Up until then I had one of the very first digital cameras Sony made it was a little cyber shot and I thought it did well until I got the 350. I told Puppy it was the last Mothers day present as it keeps on giving each year. Peace

Thanks, I liked that one too. Peace

Thanks and Peace be with you.