Monday, April 12, 2010

OOPS!!!! The top photo should have been number four, showing the tree top on the ground. Well I goofed and then could not correct it. So just pretend it is number four in the series. Last week we had two big trucks along with a chipper , stump grinder, and a pick up truck were on the hill working on trees.

The top of this big oak was dead and the first order of business on the second day was to cut the top from this tree. The tree is located across the drive from the old seeder. He removed the hanging dead branches and then cut the branch on the left bottom.

After the large lower branch was removed, he then tied a rope around the top and it was then tied to another oak tree up the driveway on the right. There was a breeze and he wanted it to land at a certain spot.

You can see the top falling toward the driveway. Now go back to the first photo and check it out. It was a HUGE top.

This is the top to the big oak down the hill that they cut. The following photo shows how big this tree happen to be. It was amazing as it came down among the other trees and did not hit one. They cut the trees and branches up into 24 inch logs and now Prince and Puppy have their work cut out for them.

Mr. Sullivan and his son along with another man, cleaned up all the debris by racking, chipping etc etc. They put the logs they cut up into neat stacks. I did not take a photo of the large dead hickory tree down by the well house but they also cut it down and up for us . We now have lots and lots of firewood. If you have been reading my blog you will remember on Xmas Eve, a wind storm came through and blew down 4 big trees. Mr. Sullivan and crew also cut up two of them which were down near the entrance of the driveway. A very large cedar which was almost uprooted when the big beech tree fell during the storm on Xmas Eve had to be cut.
Mr. Sullivan made me a cute little cedar chair out of one of the cedar logs. It smelled wonderful. I have it in the garage out of the weather so it will season and then I will put a clear sealant on it to perserve it.

Mr. Sullivan was recommended by a long time friend and he did a very good job. He was professional and courteous . I would say he was the best tree man we have ever had on the hill.
The kitty justice is to have good friends who can point you in the correct directions. It is silent on the hill as the buzzing of saws and chipper have gone from the hill for a time.
Thanks for a job well done, Mr. S.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That's a really neat series of photos. I remember when the huge, old tree in the backyard of my neighbor's house was taken down. It was, to me, sad. Alex and I watched the process closely, primarily because, if the tree had fallen, there was a good chance it would have come down on my deck or bedroom.

DUTA said...

A nice professional tree man to remove trees/branches and clean the debris, lots of firewood, a little cedar chair - Not bad!

As for the pictures, you probably have a very good camera as they are very clear and sharp.

Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
I posted the Red Dog Saloon for you today.:) Have a great week.

Merle said...

Hello Dianne ~~ Lots of big trees and plenty of firewood. I am glad you had the service of good tree men
to do the job. Glad you enjoyed the jokes at my blog. Take care, how is the toe? Love, Merle. Peace to you.

Changes in the wind said...

What a big job....wonderful to have people that have the right equipment and knowledge to get such a big job done. Sorry you lost trees though....they don't just grow in a few years but rather many, many.

Small City Scenes said...

Big job for just the right men. Oh I would like to see the little chair. That wind storm did a number on your trees. 3 yrs ago in a prolonged snow storm I had several trees and mant limbs come down. It is a job. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It is sad to see big trees go but then again that is the course of nature. Mr. Sullivan said that it was the dry weather we had a few years back that created the trees to die. Peace

I got a great camera last year for Mothers day and it is a present that keeps on giving. Wit the 80 degree weather we have started to have, a fire is the last thing on my mind. Peace

Thanks I appreciate the heads up on the post. Peace

It was good to have a friend who could recomend a good tree professional like Mr. S. Ah the toe is still rejecting any shoes except flip flops. I guess I will try a pair again this week to see show I fare. Thanks for asking. Peace

My FIL did not believe in cutting trees and that caused our yard to have lots of trees who were trying to get sun light so the trees are rather tall. I wish he had cut a few out so the ones left would have been fat and wide . I guess the worse was when we lost the 200 year old oak due to lighting a few years back. Peace

I will post the little chair sometime later. Any tree work creates lots of work no matter how small the job. Puppy and Prince have almost got the tree top wood ready for the log splitter. Peace