Wednesday, May 26, 2010

July 29, 1952, Prince was just a few months old.
July 29, 1952, Uncle Jack's house in the distance. First home of Mimi and Lewis that was built on the hill. It was located where the basketball goal is now.

July 29, 1952, this house was torn down and the current house has windows and paneling in the den from this first home of Mimi's and Lewis's.

December 15, 1975, The Pope and Kitty. We have changed just a wee bite.
The kitty justice is this is the way it was in 1952 and 1975.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was outside with Maggie when I spied some purple in the sage that I had planted in front of the boxwood beside the driveway. This Japanese Iris is the deepest purple I have ever seen. You think it was the sage?
There was a small patch of these between the house and the cabin and I have successfully put them all around the yard, plus shared them with a cousin in Texas, SIL in Mississippi, our neighbor and the Church of the Resurrection on Sneed Road. When they bloom, they are usually a light purple with a blue tinge. I have a really big bed of them between the two American Holly trees near the kitchen and I can look off the porch and will see a sea of purple soon. Also, Mimi will be able to roll her walker out on the porch and peek off at them.
The Kitty Justice is the first flower of any species give me the biggest thrill. I picked this one and put it on the kitchen table for a surprise for Mimi.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is the new hat that was presented to me by the Pope on her birthday. Her day and she was still handed out presents. Thank you dear friend as I will enjoy wearing this many times.
Bracelets oh how I love bracelets. The blue one on the left and the tiger eye (number seven) were given to me in years past by the Pope. The silver one is a Dale Earnhardt bracelet I gave to my sister. It along with the next four bead bracelets needed to be restrung. Mother's Day was the day I decided I would re string the broken bracelets. Then I got out my beads and made 15 more bracelets. All but three are shown on the right and those went to Georgia with the Pope.
Now for the tale of the Tiger Eye bracelet. I had worn it on my visit to see the Pope as it match my outfit perfectly. On the way home from Springfield, I was chewing gum and if you chew gum you know after awhile it feels like it is chewing you.
It was clouding up to rain when I stopped at out mailbox to get the mail and it is a truly steep steep drop off behind the mailbox so I thought what a good resting place for spent gum. I took the gum out and with a really good toss, I sent it to it's final resting place however, I had such good momentum that my bracelet went flying off into the weeds. I saw where it landed so I took the mail and started to rake the weeds back and trying to stay up the embankment at the same time. Well, I could not locate it and my arms were not long enough. I went up the hill for a rake. Prince was there and he got in the car and he took the rake and located it at full rakes length near a small tree.
The Kitty Justice is he was my Hero again. Thanks Hun.
PS We had a storm Sunday and it killed the router therefore no internet until now. The sun is out today but rain for Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My oldest and dearest friend came up from Macon, Ga. to her Mother's home in Springfield. Springfield is a town north of Nashville and south of Clarksville. She is a planner so we had predetermined this visit several months ago. Besides, Kitty needed a day to rest. I know I have not been hit as hard as others but the daily stress of trying to get it done was taking a toll on what is left of my gray matter(not my hair).
It was her burpday and I took a few little items to celebrate her day. I feel very strong about birthdays as this is the most important day of ones life. It is your day and loved ones and even casual friends should acknowledge it. Thus, I love to help anyone celebrate their birthday and you can call me the birthday card Queen and I will smile and enjoy the title. So when it is your bestest and oldest friend in the whole world it is more than special. It is an EVENT even if you just sit and visit like we did.
The nickname "The Pope" was given to her by our boss when we worked together long ago and she married an Italian and her maiden name was Pope.
My batteries are totally recharged after my visit with her and I could tackle any object with renewed vigor.
What a wonderful day in the rain. That is the best kitty justice ever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This photo was in and it is of River Plantation or at least that is what I was told.
Several weeks ago, I saw this in the Sunday paper where you could order this and for only so and so payments. I thought this sure looks like me so I scanned the photo and put a different edge around it. Good statement.

Have you noticed the new photo on my profile. The one there was made several, several and mean several years ago and I thought it time since I am now sixty to put a more current photo on the profile. Here it is, me in hat (oh don't you just love hats) little bite larger and with a gray crown on top.

I was given this award a few weeks back and had not thanked the one who gave it to me. If I comment on your blog then go ahead and take it and enjoy. I will put it on the side bar in my spare time (whats that) with acknowledgement to the blogger who was so kind to gift me with the award.

This was taken before all the rain and earlier this month as I wanted to show yawl just how white the locust trees bloomed this year.

I ventured off the hill today down where all the flood damage occurred but I did not go as a looky loo but I need to pick up a few items at Home Depot. They had extra folks on hand to help their customers. I was helped by this delightful young fellow name, Gabe, from the Knoxville area. He was so helpful as I told him what I needed and he was very knowledgeable and suggested some ways of doing things better. I wanted to put up another pole in the cedar closet for items that are longer than the usual clothes.

When I drove to and from Home Depot in the River Plantation Subdivision there was a line of trash about 8 feet high out in all the yards on the low side of Sawyer Brown (That street was picked as the name of a now famous band) It was heart breaking to see a continuous mountain of flood items awaiting to be hauled away. Please see the top photo of how the area was flooded.
The kitty justice is that I am so thankful that our country has help for all these flood victims . The second kitty justice is that Gabe's mother did a really good job as he was a very well mannered young man.
Hey, the powers that be at Home Depot, you need to clone that young man.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just like Pepper dog I am dog tired.
We took out the three soaked rugs this weekend and the downstairs is beginning to smell better.
We worked on rearranging the office and cleaning the floors on Saturday. Nephew had given us some plastic shelves and I put all three of them against the far wall and then organized boxes and files on one wall.
When I went to bed that night I could feel a dragging from behind and it was my behind. I had no trouble getting to sleep.
I awoke hurting from my head to my toes. Got up and dressed. Prince wanted to know why I was up so early and I told him I was awaiting for my Tylenol to kick in. I then got out the sports cream and rubbed some of the parts of my body with sports cream.
I had coffee and watched the sun rise. How different this Sunday morning was from the one that terrorised with the thousand year flood.
After Prince started rambling through the house, he stopped and made me breakfast. He only does waffles and bacon but it is such a treat when he cooks for me. Now isn't that the best Mother's day gift a mate can give his spouse?
I spent the day just pampering me. Did my nails a deep red ( actually a dark wine) and I fixed 5 bracelets and made 15 more. I finished the silver bags now all I need to do is to add Velcro. Whoever, made Velcro should be given a major award in my book.
Later, Edward came and cooked for his Mother and the rest of us. He came up with this new marinate and a new way to grill salmon. It was absolutely the best salmon I have ever tasted. Of Mimi's three children, he is the real cook in the family.
Today, I again went down into the vast dampness formally known as our basement and proceeded to clean the bathroom and hallway to the bath and office. I opened the cedar closet and was greeted with the heavy smell of twelve year old water. I started dragging things out of there and the bottom layer was wet. All the clothes that I had saved that Mother had made me are in need of washing and putting away for hopefully someone in the family to cherish when I am gone. But not today or tonight as I must be Miss Scarlet and think about that tomorrow.
The kitty justice is that all the Mothers out there had a wonderful pampered day and yawl are not dog tired today.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The above photo was taken from This one plus others are in the Top Pictures which show the devastation caused by the flooding.

I will be working hard in the basement today but wanted all of ya'll to go to our local channel four and you can see photos of the flood but most of all I want to Thank them and Vince Gill and friends for the telethon last night which raised 1.7 million for Second Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross. You can read the stories but you can also find a link to donate anything you can spare.

Taylor Swift gave five hundred thousand. Thanks Taylor.

The kitty justice is that you do not have to give as much as Taylor but any amount will be appreciated.

Peace be with Yawl today and aways.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A week ago today, Mimi and I made four batches of cherry preserves . A total of twenty eight jars. In our enthusiasm we declared we would make preserves one day until we had all the berries from last year made into preserves. Our next week batch were to be blackberries.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us with the upcoming flood on the weekend.
I did not go to the basement at all yesterday as I just could not face it and we are the lucky ones. Mimi and I did clean the kitchen frig and put all the ruined items in the freezer out side. You see everything in the freezer out side in the garage did not survive and since the garbage man will not be here until next Monday, I thought it was best to freeze the ruined stuff and then put it out late Sunday night which would give it less time to SMELL up the place.
The next order of business is to get the guys to move the furniture off the large throw rugs so I can put them outside to dry. The house smells musty from the damp basement.
The kitty justice is that Mimi and I will have to rethink when we will have time to make more preserves.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

At this point the rain had stopped for awhile and we had unstopped the drain a third time. The water was over the rocks on either side about six inches deep. The drain pipe goes all the way from the corner of the house and hooks up with the far down spout and then goes all the way across the yard and dumps out at the bottom of the rock between the house and the log house.

The field in the middle with the red barn has never been under water since Prince and I have been married.

This field usually gets water in it when it rains hard but never completely. More than complete now.

Puppy went and put the zoom lens on so he could get better photos of the water. The big building to the left is a nursing home.

Water is closing in on the houses. This is the Harpeth River and not the Cumberland which is downtown.

This photo was taken a little more to the left than the photo before.

The photos are taken during a hard rain which was one of many hard showers. Prince kept having to empty the rain gauge and some times it was running over. The rain gauge has a five inch capacity and he emptied it four times. He got a count of seventeen and one quarter inches.

It had stopped raining when I stepped out to check on the barn . At one point there were two horses out to the right in the middle standing on high ground but finally they were coached to go to safety.

We made lemon aide out of a lemon day and had our neighbors and their Pastor (who was stranded on the hill) over for a cook out and dining by candle light. Puppy grilled the chicken and I cooked tiny green beans on the grill and then we had a green salad. For dessert we had TRUE soft serve ice cream. Could not let it melt completely.

No comcast, no telephones, no electricity but we were all safe so we just went to bed.
It was a wet vac (three) kind of week end. Starting Saturday. I vaccumn solid for 5 hours. Then Puppy came home from study group and took over for me and Prince had an on call to work. Prince got back at mid night and vaccumned until 4 am. At that point we had it on the run. Awoke at 6 am to More rain. By the time Prince took his shower, I had filled up all three vacs. I can fill them up, I just cannot empty them. I went to get Puppy at his cabin and his downstairs living area was getting wet. Then the worse happen, the electricity went off and all we could do was watch the water run out Puppy's back door.
Then it started running into the downstairs den at the house and into the shop room. With three wheel barrow loads of bricks, the guys set all the furniture up on bricks.
Monday we had no water to go with others things but life began to get back to normal at 9:45 PM as the electricity came back on.
We had a few battery radios to keep us informed and found out that 62 miles of Interstate 40 west was closed due to high water. Big Sis told us that the high water of the Cumberland and Harpeth rivers made the national news. We were cut off by high water and could not get into town if we wished. It took Puppy over four hours to get to his class and he spent the night with a friend.
We got cable back first today and then the water. However, the dreams of free flowing water was short lived and it is having a hard time getting much up to the hill.
Now I know some of you are wondering about the water in the basement and the cabin. Well, there is not much dirt until you hit solid rock and when the ground gets saturated, well it seeks the lowest point.
The kitty justice is we have a little drying out to do and some more vac time but it is a mere annoying hair in the water compared to what others face from the big flood. The news media tells us it has not been this bad since 1937.