Friday, May 07, 2010

The above photo was taken from This one plus others are in the Top Pictures which show the devastation caused by the flooding.

I will be working hard in the basement today but wanted all of ya'll to go to our local channel four and you can see photos of the flood but most of all I want to Thank them and Vince Gill and friends for the telethon last night which raised 1.7 million for Second Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross. You can read the stories but you can also find a link to donate anything you can spare.

Taylor Swift gave five hundred thousand. Thanks Taylor.

The kitty justice is that you do not have to give as much as Taylor but any amount will be appreciated.

Peace be with Yawl today and aways.


Lee said...

Those floods were bad, that for sure. I hear that Keith Urban lost the majority of his equipment from the floods.....but, of course, there are thousands worse off than he is. It's great that the artists gather together so quickly to help raise money. The same happens here when disasters strike.

Lee said...

Lady Di....I was pretty busy all last week and didn't get the opportunity to read blogs....and I'm just catching up on your news now, and have been reading your previous postings. I'm so relieved to learn that all is well with you and the flood damage to your property was minimal. I empathise with you because I went through similar back in 1974 when living in Brisbane.....the '74 flood here was a record flood and caused much devastation....I was one of the lucky ones. When Nature decides to unleash upon us, sometimes there's little we can do but stand aside in awe of its fury. I'm so glad you are okay.

DUTA said...

I'm sad about the flooding in your country. We are helpless when it comes to natural disasters.
Hope things turn out well for you and for all the inhabitants of Tennessee.

Maria said...

Lady Di, I'm very glad to hear that the flood has done only minimal damage to your property. Here in Europe, two weeks ago the ash cloud of an Icelandic volcano paralysed European air traffic for a weekend.
It takes so little to disturb the routine of daily life, isn't it?
Best wishes, Maria

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for your concern. Lots of artist beside Keith Urban lost equipment at Sound Check warehouse. Some artist such as Lori Morgan and Little Jimmy Dickens had their show outfits stored there too. Each task I complete to take care of things, I count my blessings that I am not dealing with mud and smell. Nashville is a very strong community of giving folks and we will rebuild. President Obama was too busy playing golf in Arkansas and then had a speech at a college on the other side of TN but did not bother to stop even though we were right in the middle of his affairs. Peace

Thanks for your concern. Disasters created by nature have a way of making us know how little we can really do even with all the modern items we have. She can shut us down in a big hurry. Peace

Thanks for you concern. Nature can shut us down quicker than we all care to think. Modern man still has to cater to her. Peace