Tuesday, May 04, 2010

At this point the rain had stopped for awhile and we had unstopped the drain a third time. The water was over the rocks on either side about six inches deep. The drain pipe goes all the way from the corner of the house and hooks up with the far down spout and then goes all the way across the yard and dumps out at the bottom of the rock between the house and the log house.

The field in the middle with the red barn has never been under water since Prince and I have been married.

This field usually gets water in it when it rains hard but never completely. More than complete now.

Puppy went and put the zoom lens on so he could get better photos of the water. The big building to the left is a nursing home.

Water is closing in on the houses. This is the Harpeth River and not the Cumberland which is downtown.

This photo was taken a little more to the left than the photo before.

The photos are taken during a hard rain which was one of many hard showers. Prince kept having to empty the rain gauge and some times it was running over. The rain gauge has a five inch capacity and he emptied it four times. He got a count of seventeen and one quarter inches.

It had stopped raining when I stepped out to check on the barn . At one point there were two horses out to the right in the middle standing on high ground but finally they were coached to go to safety.

We made lemon aide out of a lemon day and had our neighbors and their Pastor (who was stranded on the hill) over for a cook out and dining by candle light. Puppy grilled the chicken and I cooked tiny green beans on the grill and then we had a green salad. For dessert we had TRUE soft serve ice cream. Could not let it melt completely.

No comcast, no telephones, no electricity but we were all safe so we just went to bed.
It was a wet vac (three) kind of week end. Starting Saturday. I vaccumn solid for 5 hours. Then Puppy came home from study group and took over for me and Prince had an on call to work. Prince got back at mid night and vaccumned until 4 am. At that point we had it on the run. Awoke at 6 am to More rain. By the time Prince took his shower, I had filled up all three vacs. I can fill them up, I just cannot empty them. I went to get Puppy at his cabin and his downstairs living area was getting wet. Then the worse happen, the electricity went off and all we could do was watch the water run out Puppy's back door.
Then it started running into the downstairs den at the house and into the shop room. With three wheel barrow loads of bricks, the guys set all the furniture up on bricks.
Monday we had no water to go with others things but life began to get back to normal at 9:45 PM as the electricity came back on.
We had a few battery radios to keep us informed and found out that 62 miles of Interstate 40 west was closed due to high water. Big Sis told us that the high water of the Cumberland and Harpeth rivers made the national news. We were cut off by high water and could not get into town if we wished. It took Puppy over four hours to get to his class and he spent the night with a friend.
We got cable back first today and then the water. However, the dreams of free flowing water was short lived and it is having a hard time getting much up to the hill.
Now I know some of you are wondering about the water in the basement and the cabin. Well, there is not much dirt until you hit solid rock and when the ground gets saturated, well it seeks the lowest point.
The kitty justice is we have a little drying out to do and some more vac time but it is a mere annoying hair in the water compared to what others face from the big flood. The news media tells us it has not been this bad since 1937.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

We saw the photos on the news and it looked pretty bad. I'm glad you are all safe. Sounds like it was a tough day or two for you and your family. I hope the water recedes without too much damage.


Changes in the wind said...

So glad you are okay...sent you a email and was relived to see your post. It is sure bad there...makes me sad...have been there and it is a pretty place.

Lady Di Tn said...

The water that got into the basement was as clear as spring water as it had been filtered through lime stone. We are still drying out but at least the water that came into our homes was not muddy flood waters. When I get tired and it becomes hard to deal with, I think how fortunate I am and others are not. Peace

This morning on the news they said it was the highest the water had been since the sixties when the dam systems were put into place. You can see lots of video on Utube google Bellevue flood May 3, 2010. The video on St Georges Church is where we go and a husband and wife had come to early Church and the flood waters swept them away. They will be missed by our Church and community as they were giving people. Peace

Anonymous said...

Floods are bad. Those that happen in places that normally do not experience flooding are worse as most are not prepared fr them.

We sure have a nice day here in Ohio. Windy but very nice. Storms are forecast for later tonight.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear you had a nice day up there. Our day was unseasonable warmer than usual but maybe that will help dry things out. Looks like we might get more rain this weekend. I hope that it is only a LITTLE rain this time. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my----the news showing the flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky is heartwrenching. I am so glad you all are ok. We have a little storm with power out and trees down but nothing compared to what's happening in your part of the country.
So sad about the couple who sought refuge in church.
Good news the water that entered your homes was not dirty flood water. We always try to find the good---it has to be somewhere. Peace to you too, my friend. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Wed. night when Prince came home from work and Puppy from college, they said nearly all the houses had stacks and stacks of ruined things out in the yards. Yes we are very fortunate that the water that came into our houses was clear rain water. I still have 3 throw rugs I need to get out on the back porch but they have furniture on bricks and I cannot move the furniture so I have to wait until the guys can help. Still drying out. Peace