Monday, May 10, 2010

Just like Pepper dog I am dog tired.
We took out the three soaked rugs this weekend and the downstairs is beginning to smell better.
We worked on rearranging the office and cleaning the floors on Saturday. Nephew had given us some plastic shelves and I put all three of them against the far wall and then organized boxes and files on one wall.
When I went to bed that night I could feel a dragging from behind and it was my behind. I had no trouble getting to sleep.
I awoke hurting from my head to my toes. Got up and dressed. Prince wanted to know why I was up so early and I told him I was awaiting for my Tylenol to kick in. I then got out the sports cream and rubbed some of the parts of my body with sports cream.
I had coffee and watched the sun rise. How different this Sunday morning was from the one that terrorised with the thousand year flood.
After Prince started rambling through the house, he stopped and made me breakfast. He only does waffles and bacon but it is such a treat when he cooks for me. Now isn't that the best Mother's day gift a mate can give his spouse?
I spent the day just pampering me. Did my nails a deep red ( actually a dark wine) and I fixed 5 bracelets and made 15 more. I finished the silver bags now all I need to do is to add Velcro. Whoever, made Velcro should be given a major award in my book.
Later, Edward came and cooked for his Mother and the rest of us. He came up with this new marinate and a new way to grill salmon. It was absolutely the best salmon I have ever tasted. Of Mimi's three children, he is the real cook in the family.
Today, I again went down into the vast dampness formally known as our basement and proceeded to clean the bathroom and hallway to the bath and office. I opened the cedar closet and was greeted with the heavy smell of twelve year old water. I started dragging things out of there and the bottom layer was wet. All the clothes that I had saved that Mother had made me are in need of washing and putting away for hopefully someone in the family to cherish when I am gone. But not today or tonight as I must be Miss Scarlet and think about that tomorrow.
The kitty justice is that all the Mothers out there had a wonderful pampered day and yawl are not dog tired today.


Changes in the wind said...

Pepper dog is tooo cute:) What a mess the water makes. For some reason I always thought you had to destroy everything that got messed up and never thought about washing it but how do you fix the walls where the water was up to?

Lady Di Tn said...

Pepper is my BIL dog and she is cute just not really bright. Loveable little critter. No a few things have to be thrown away but use of bleach, dehumidifiers, fans and wood can be cleaned also if not wraped. Our basement is concrete blocks so a little bleach and clorox and spray will do most of the work. I am using liquid gold wood wash to clean the furniture even though I had it up most of the time on bricks, however, I want to be sure no mold grows. I had to throw away some of the items Mother made but most I will wash in Oxy Clean and they will be fine. I did clean out the cedar closet floor today and I am drying it out. I was lucky to have only clear water come in but those that had mud have more clean up. If the walls were wall board, those have to be completely torn out as it is like a sponge.well I have a few more loads of clothes to launder from getting wet. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Sweet shot of the pup.
So sorry for all that happened. Sometimes we wonder what Mother Nature has in mind---maybe a senior blip.
People seem to pull together in a time of tragedy--maybe that's the reason.
Did you lose all the jam you all made. A trivial thing I know but still important.
Thanks for the concern about my Mother. I came home last night and will go back tomorrow. She is only 2 hrs away. She has recovered quite well--just a little shaky on her feet so she is using a walker. I took her to have her nails done yeasterday and we went out to a late lunch and she ate everything. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Good new about your Mom. The water was clear and only about an inch in depth so we just put the furniture up on bricks open the door and let it roll down the hill. The preserves never made it downstairs and it would have been on a shelf if it had. I went to Home Depot today and bought a dehumidifier just to make sure all the moisture is gone. I have been running those very large fans (three of them) in each section of the basement. I have had a dehumidifier at the cabin for several years and his place seemed to dry out quicker. Need to run and try to complete more task. Peace