Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is the new hat that was presented to me by the Pope on her birthday. Her day and she was still handed out presents. Thank you dear friend as I will enjoy wearing this many times.
Bracelets oh how I love bracelets. The blue one on the left and the tiger eye (number seven) were given to me in years past by the Pope. The silver one is a Dale Earnhardt bracelet I gave to my sister. It along with the next four bead bracelets needed to be restrung. Mother's Day was the day I decided I would re string the broken bracelets. Then I got out my beads and made 15 more bracelets. All but three are shown on the right and those went to Georgia with the Pope.
Now for the tale of the Tiger Eye bracelet. I had worn it on my visit to see the Pope as it match my outfit perfectly. On the way home from Springfield, I was chewing gum and if you chew gum you know after awhile it feels like it is chewing you.
It was clouding up to rain when I stopped at out mailbox to get the mail and it is a truly steep steep drop off behind the mailbox so I thought what a good resting place for spent gum. I took the gum out and with a really good toss, I sent it to it's final resting place however, I had such good momentum that my bracelet went flying off into the weeds. I saw where it landed so I took the mail and started to rake the weeds back and trying to stay up the embankment at the same time. Well, I could not locate it and my arms were not long enough. I went up the hill for a rake. Prince was there and he got in the car and he took the rake and located it at full rakes length near a small tree.
The Kitty Justice is he was my Hero again. Thanks Hun.
PS We had a storm Sunday and it killed the router therefore no internet until now. The sun is out today but rain for Thursday and Friday.


LZ Blogger said...

KJ ~ Very pretty bracelets... thnaks for sharing! ~ jb///

Small City Scenes said...

What a funny funny story about the Tiger-eye bracelet. I am glad it was found. You have made some beautiful bracelets.
Nice hat too. How nice of you friend to treat you.

I hope the weather decides to settle down out your way. We had a big storm yesterday and lots of crazy weather. Our power was out during the day but I wasn't home.... MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace.

I could not believe what happen with the gum going one way and the bracelet the othe way. Glad you enjoyed my blunder. Seems like all of us are being shown by Mother Nature as to who is in charge. I dream of one week of nice sunny weather with rain in the next weeks forcast. Peace

Jerri said...

I love bracelets too. In fact, I bought a purple one today at a closing sale. My daughter and I both like to bead. In the summer I love ankle bracelets. I love your collection....very pretty.


Lee said...

I don't wear bracelets...I have a few, but never think to wear them...perhaps I should!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and it is fun to know that you too love bracelets and bead. I find it relaxing hobby. Peace

Oh do get to wearing those bracelets. It makes me feel dressed up and ready to go even if my nails need some attention. Peace