Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This photo was in and it is of River Plantation or at least that is what I was told.
Several weeks ago, I saw this in the Sunday paper where you could order this and for only so and so payments. I thought this sure looks like me so I scanned the photo and put a different edge around it. Good statement.

Have you noticed the new photo on my profile. The one there was made several, several and mean several years ago and I thought it time since I am now sixty to put a more current photo on the profile. Here it is, me in hat (oh don't you just love hats) little bite larger and with a gray crown on top.

I was given this award a few weeks back and had not thanked the one who gave it to me. If I comment on your blog then go ahead and take it and enjoy. I will put it on the side bar in my spare time (whats that) with acknowledgement to the blogger who was so kind to gift me with the award.

This was taken before all the rain and earlier this month as I wanted to show yawl just how white the locust trees bloomed this year.

I ventured off the hill today down where all the flood damage occurred but I did not go as a looky loo but I need to pick up a few items at Home Depot. They had extra folks on hand to help their customers. I was helped by this delightful young fellow name, Gabe, from the Knoxville area. He was so helpful as I told him what I needed and he was very knowledgeable and suggested some ways of doing things better. I wanted to put up another pole in the cedar closet for items that are longer than the usual clothes.

When I drove to and from Home Depot in the River Plantation Subdivision there was a line of trash about 8 feet high out in all the yards on the low side of Sawyer Brown (That street was picked as the name of a now famous band) It was heart breaking to see a continuous mountain of flood items awaiting to be hauled away. Please see the top photo of how the area was flooded.
The kitty justice is that I am so thankful that our country has help for all these flood victims . The second kitty justice is that Gabe's mother did a really good job as he was a very well mannered young man.
Hey, the powers that be at Home Depot, you need to clone that young man.


Changes in the wind said...

ou look great in the hat!

Jerri said...

I love your sassy new picture....


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Thanks and Peace.

Girls I needed those compliments. Thanks for giving me a boost.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I saw photos of the flood on tv. I can't imagine how much must have been ruined by the water. I'm glad that there is help for the flood victims.

Very nice new avi photo. Love the hat. Lovely photos of the locust blossoms.


Lady Di Tn said...

With everything happin in your life I am blessed to see you have visited. TV does not do it justice. I do not know what folks would do without all the volunteers (TN nickname) who are out there in force.
Glad you like the new photo. If I could I would have all colors for all season hats.
The locust blooms were really the fullest I have ever seen them, they outdid all those transplanted Bradford pear trees.
Peace be with you.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Your new photo and the hat are wonderful.
Wasn't it lovely to be served by
such a nice young man?
The floods have left such a lot of work for everyone to get back to normal. Glad that help is available.

Glad you enjoyed the Commandments, the pilot with the guide dog and the Killer Kitty joke. I am so glad that many of my blogging friends enjoyed the Woman & Fork.
It is a lovely story and glad it helped you at the time.
I am so glad to get a reprieve from an op and the aneurysm may never grow. Thanks for your support. Love and Hugs, Merle.

Small City Scenes said...

Flooding is such a terrible thing for anyone to go through. My friends had a farm in the flood plain up in Sultan, Wa. The pastures flooded every year but they were always prepared and had their cows in the barn etc. One year it flooded higher than usual and they had a food of nasty muddy septic and river water in the house--up a small flight of stairs too. what a mess to clean up ans sanitize. I can imagine the pies of now trash heaping along the side of the roads. . You take care now. MB

Patty said...

Very nice photo, you can call yourself, "The Lady In Red".

Happy week-end.

DUTA said...

Oh, Kitty, You look so extravagant in that red outfit and hat! Your updated profile picture reminds me that I too have to update mine as my hairstyle is changed now and it makes me look differently.

I'm glad you've got such fine custom service at the Office Depot.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the laughter you bring to us in our serious lives. A very dear old friend sent me that story and it was just in time to lift my spirts. I am so happy you got a reprives and do not have to worry about an op. Peace

It is sad and we continue to have headlines in our local papers of more sad stories about folks in other counties losing homes and business. I think this will bring out the strength in our state. Peace

Thanks and I do love RED AND PURPLE. I am a true winter color person. Peace

Thanks and I often get a nudge to do things when I see others have updated their blogs. Peace

LZ Blogger said...

PS ~ Love the new avatar! Very cute! ~ jb///