Thursday, May 06, 2010

A week ago today, Mimi and I made four batches of cherry preserves . A total of twenty eight jars. In our enthusiasm we declared we would make preserves one day until we had all the berries from last year made into preserves. Our next week batch were to be blackberries.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us with the upcoming flood on the weekend.
I did not go to the basement at all yesterday as I just could not face it and we are the lucky ones. Mimi and I did clean the kitchen frig and put all the ruined items in the freezer out side. You see everything in the freezer out side in the garage did not survive and since the garbage man will not be here until next Monday, I thought it was best to freeze the ruined stuff and then put it out late Sunday night which would give it less time to SMELL up the place.
The next order of business is to get the guys to move the furniture off the large throw rugs so I can put them outside to dry. The house smells musty from the damp basement.
The kitty justice is that Mimi and I will have to rethink when we will have time to make more preserves.


Jerri said...

First of all I am glad you are safe and sound. This is my fourth time trying to leave a comment, but I keep getting some kind of an error message. Anyway, the pictures tell a very scarey story......I can't imagine living through that......On a lighter note the preserves are making my mouth water....... Jerri

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ How very devastating those floods have been in Tennessee.
And how awful for you to lose power,
phone, TV and Internet and even water, with water all around you.
So much cleaning up to do. Lucky you live on a hill or it may have been worse. I hope the State gets plenty of support for a general clean up.
Nature can be so powerful. I hope your flowers were OK, as they were so pretty. Take care dear friend and I am so sorry you had to go through that. Love, Merle. Peace.

Lady Di Tn said...

I have had the same trouble with google. I could get to the blogs to read but comments were not allowed. We have already handed out a few jars to neighbors and friends and ate one too. They are good. Maybe we will get a chance to do a few more. Peace

It was an experience that I could have lived without but we have it so much better than others. Every time I clean etc etc, I think this is nothing compared to what others are going through. The term 100 year flood has been changed to 1,000 year flood here. Most of the flowers were beaten down badly by the rain however we have had a week of sunshine and some are doing better. Unfortunately they say rain for all next week. Peace

Patty said...

Sorry to hear you have so much work ahead and also about the damage it has caused you. I know if you keep plugging away, it will be cleaned up again and looking like new, before you even know it. Good luck, hang in there.