Sunday, August 08, 2010

Looking down the drive you have to look up high to see the Crepe Myrtles. One year I cut them all the way down to the ground and Prince informed me that he and Gran Dot had done the same thing years ago. Next after they got so tall, I cut off the lower branches and now here they are over thirty feet tall.

Close up of the top of the tree on the right side. I had my long lens on and this is as close as I could get while standing beneath.

Puppy in a role reversal. He is waiting for his Uncle Edward to arrive so they can go trout fishing on the Caney Fork river. Edward is an early riser so this was a true role reversal.
The kitty justice is that is was cool enough to enjoy the porch and outside this weekend.


Small City Scenes said...

I am glad it was finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoor.
Regarding your comment about cotton candy. Remember when you could watch the vendors make it in that big whirling tub and it smelled so good. Now it is already packaged up and who knows how old it is. It doesn't have the same appeal as before. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Just for a couple of days and now it is back to 110 heat index with no relief until next week. Too hot.
Oh no I have not really been to a fair except to watch a friend race go carts lately so I was unaware of packaged cotton candy. Gez that was half the fun waiting for them to finish making it right in front of you so you could eat it. Peace

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~ Those crepe myrtles are huge, but beautiful and the Zinnias look lovely in that vase.
I hope Puppy and Uncle Edward caught some fish. Sorry it is still too hot for you, but the rain will come. We
have had 2 days of heavy soaking rain
and I will be glad when it clears up.
I am sorry your toe isn't quite better, you sure have had an awful time with it. Take care,my friend
Love and Peace. Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and No they did not catch any fish but had a great time. Uncle Edward is one of Puppy's God Fathers ( the other no longer with us) and he takes his role seriously. I wish I had picked a God Mother as well as we did God Fathers. Another hot one here today. The toe has really hampered my exercising. Maybe when the rest of the toe nail comes off it will be well. Peace