Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo was taken last Thursday as I felt once again we would see the rain go all around the hill but not any to fall. However, we did get some rain. Yeah.
It also rained again in the early morning hours today. The hill is saying Thank You Thank You Thank You.
My friend Knoxie and her hubby brought 3 big boxes of peaches to me from their farm in Kentucky. Ah, the taste was Heavenly but I knew that I could not eat all of them so I froze 8 quarts for future use.
I have been spending my mornings exercising exercising and exercising. My body rebels at the abuse and I have to rest the back and toe for a day then I am back at twisting beast of Exercise. Man, I do not recall it taking so long to complete task of this nature in my youth.
However, with my efforts, my blood sugar has gone down 40 points. Yeah. Okay, I still have some problems but I am gonna celebrate my achievements instead of lament the other problems.
The rest of my day after EXERCISE is to try and catch up with work around the home place.
When the house was being built in the sixties, one of my FIL friends made the comment "Looks like a wife killer to me."
The kitty justice is the older I get the more truth is in the man's statement.


Changes in the wind said...

Good for you....keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph and beautiful music. Hugs!!

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ We have had lots of rain and only about one fine day a week to get washing dry. Glad you got some. That Workout joke was a good one for you, good luck with the exercise - I wish I had done it earlier in life. Well done with the blood sugar - the numbers are so different here. Mine has been 5.1lately which is good. I sprinkle cinnamon on my porridge and anything else I can as it is good for reducing the diabetes tests. We have Federal Election
this weekend and see if we keep Julia or get rid of her - here's
hoping/ Take care my friend.
Love and Peace, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the encourgement. As you know somedays it is hard to get the engine running. Peace

Thanks and glad to see you in blogland. Gottcha in me prayers. Peace

It was great to see rain however some middle TN counties to our northeast got too much rain and had floods. At the seminar the dietians said to eat 7 grams of fiber per meal and we have this great bread here called Nature's Own Double Fiber and it has 5 grams per slice. The high fiber keeps your stomach from dumping too soon and keeps the BS even. I do the same with my oatmeal. I have just learned that coca and cinnamon are the ingredients in a much used diabetic drug. So guess what I had a cup of late yesterday. Hope the election goes well. Peace