Friday, August 06, 2010

Yesterday was primary day in TN. As I an one other voter cast our votes around noon time, I notice so many positions that were running unopposed. No Republican nor Independent were running , that left the Democrats a shoe in. There were 3 Republicans running for the Governor race and one LONE Democrat. In November Haslan or McWherter will be chosen. Until then I expect lots of MUD slinging from each side. AREN'T YOU JUST SICK OF THOSE ADS THAT RUN OVER AND OVER AND OVER.?
Like an ole wheel I have been running along trying to put in practice what I learned from the Diabetic Seminar that was held at St. Thomas. My blood sugar numbers in just a week are running 30-40 points lower than they did before I went. Hopefully, with time and effort I might get in the normal range. I have taken the Rule, if exercise is on the list, do it first so it can be marked off and you will not get caught in other activities and then forget the exercise. Dr. Faulk put up a very telling cartoon of a doctor making the following statement to his patient. "You can exercise an hour a day or be dead 24 hours a day." He was the sixth speaker and he was like Samuel Johnson delivering the sermon "Sinners in the hands of an Angry God" and we were the sinner. Thanks doc you got my attention.

Here is some little zinnias that Mimi made into a little bouquet for us to enjoy. I grow these especially for her.

I hope it will soon be cool enough to enjoy the view rather than run out and take photos and hurry back inside. It did rain this morning and it was WONDERFUL and the dusty earth was so very happy that it was singing a hush and peaceful song. I did stand out and get wet with an upturn face like a small child while Maggie was on her run for the paper.

It may be cool enough in the mornings of this weekend to sit outside and sip from my first cup of "STARTER FLUID" as our dear friend in Michigan refers to his cup of coffee. It is one of the simple pleasure, to sit and sip the first cup of coffee and look out onto this great earth and sky.
The kitty justice is that simplicity is always the best medicine.
BTW The Blazing Star flowers (see last post) gifted me with a yellow finch eating from it's spent blooms.Now that a Blessing.


DUTA said...

Politics is a dirty matter everywhere.
It seems the Republicans make it very easy for themselves with that November thing. They'll have to be highly creative and work very hard if they wish to achieve their goals in November and further on.

The zinnias are superb!

Changes in the wind said...

Such beautiful views...hope it cools down so you can enjoy them.

Patty said...

Beautiful view, and the zinnias are very pretty, like the colors. I go back Monday after checking my blood sugar for the past three weeks. Doctor says mine is a little high. I have a feeling she may start me on a pill. I haven't watched too closely. Been checking the blood pressure and blood sugar. Will have a chart to print out, before I go back to see her. we've had a couple of mornings that were sure a lot cooler, but still warms up by afternoon. Although today it's only 82 at the moment. Happy week-end, at least what's left of it.

Lady Di Tn said...

all politician no matter the party are still politician. I myself do not afilliate with either. I vote for the person not a party. Too bad others do not do the same. Over the years each parties support has changed, kind of like Russia roulete. Thanks I love zinnia as they remind me of my beloved Grandpa. I just picked a few fresh ones and put them in vases. Peace

It was very pleasant this morning and Prince and I enjoyed the view and coffee together. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and it seems like as we mature we have to watch things that use to just be taken for granted. It was cooler this morning for the first time in a long time. Peace and the same to you.