Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love organization and easy and this product in my opinion is a winner. You put your items in the pouch and whalla you are organized. No searching in the bag for an item any more. Also, you just lift it in and out and in one swift movement you change purses with ease.
You do not have to order it from the TV ads but go to your local Bed, Bath and Beyond store and take a 20 per cent coupon with you. No shipping charge and a good price for you to be an organized person.
This is one of those items, you think "why did I not think of this."
The kitty justice is it is great unless you have a widdle bitty purse.

Monday, March 28, 2011

During the cold winter we had two walk on cats. One has disappeared but the other was living under the dutch barn. Yes, I could not stand seeing the cat in the cold so I began to feed him. At first, I would leave dry food on the boat trailer fender so it would stay dry and be up high enough that Maggie would not eat the food.

Since there were two cats at first, I named them Moe and Larry. Well Larry is no longer with us but Moe has gotten to accept me as a food source. When he came up on the bottom back porch, I approached him with a can of moist food. He let me stand near him as he ate. Next few days I did not see him but continued to put out dry food. Then he appeared under the box bush and I took a can out and fed him again. This time I put my hand down and he smelled my fingers and let me rub him on his head. Last evening he came as I yelled "Moe, Moe, here kitty kitty. " and it was from the direction of the dutch barn . Maggie wants to chase him and I keep telling her that no one wanted him and he was cold and hungry.
I know I fed him so now he is mine but I could not let him starve.
The kitty justice is to get him tame enough to take him to the vet to check him out.
The above and below photos were taken after we ate at the new Applebee's restaurant on Highway 100. These Bradford pear trees were across the road at the Baptist Church. Within a week, they lost their white flowers.

The above photo is a Tulip Magnolia tree that is outside St. Thomas Hospital. I was looking up from the truck when I took the above photo and we parked on the garage roof and I got the below photo of the tree. As you can see the ground had already started to be littered with petals.
We have ridden down the Natchez Trace twice but each time the conditions were not advantageous to taking photos. First day it was too dark and the Red bud trees had just started to turn and this weekend it began to rain hard before we got to the Trace however, the Red buds were in full bloom. It is suppose to rain and stay cool the next five days and I am afraid by the weekend the blooms may have started to fade.
The kitty justice is that we are in full swing of one of the small weathers that we endure during the spring time. This winter is Red bud winter, then comes Dog wood winter, Locust winter and then Blackberry winter. Mimi said any white blooms showing causes a winter and I reminded her that the first one was Red bud.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is the famous Tootsies Orchid lounge on Broadway. Lots of famous country stars have sung there and hung out in this iconic place. If you come to downtown at night you need to have at least one beer and listen to one set of music before you venture out again.
Looking down Broadway. The Bridgestone Arena(home of the Nashville Predators) on the left and Tootsies is on the right.
Here are a couple of places you need to visit while you are in Nashville. The Frist Museum in the old Post Office Building and the Union Station which are on the left side of the photo.
If you like to visit old churches, then this one is a good one to step inside. A free tour is given on certain days. This is an Episcopal Church known as Christ Church on Broadway. Just on the other side is the Tennessee Art League Building, which if you fancy local artwork, then venture inside.
On Music Row is the controversial statues "Musica" by sculpture, Alan LeQuire. It stands 38 feet tall. They are dancing nude and occasionally such as St. Paddy's day they were found with clothes on the next morning. LeQuire also did the Athena which is located in the Parthenon in Centennial Park.
The kitty justice is I have given yawl a few places to visit when in town.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Check out this old building in downtown.
Another quick snap shots up one of downtown streets as we drove through downtown.
This is the Arcade which connects 5th and 4th Ave. It has a glass top. When I worked downtown it was a nice area to go during lunch break. The Peanut shop is still there but the Woolworths on the corner, where we would get a sack of popcorn outside the store is no longer there.
When I first came to Nashville, the Life and Casualty Building was the only tall building that Nashville had at the time. Life and Casualty was an Insurance company. It was not long until the National Life and Accident Insurance building was built. Then we had two tall buildings. Life and Casualty Tower is on 4Th Ave and Church Street. Now what is that building below reflecting? I think it as a rather cool entrance.
Now this is a site you normal do not see. It is the back side of the Ryman. Anyone who knows about Nashville and country music can immediately tell you what the front side looks like.
The kitty justice is there is more to come of me playing tourist.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We drove down Dickerson Pike which turns into North First Street coming back from the tractor place and I had no idea there were Buffalo in the media .
There was no other traffic in sight, so I jumped out of the truck and took these photos. Prince put the info in google search and found a www.newschannel5.com article 11-2-2008 which proceeded to tell a little about the statues. According to them, "Business owners along Dickerson Pike hope a herd of buffalo will help stomp out a negative image." The buffalo were slated to appear in 2009. According to history buffalo once roamed in the area and they are to pay homage to the area's history. There are 8 life size buffalo at North First Street at the cost of $100,000 to $200,000 provided by the state and local grants. There is a ten year plan to include sidewalks and landscape. For years, my Uncle Roy ran a tavern and barbecue place called R & R on North First Street. I never went into the tavern but the barbecue was the best in town. The Christian men could always cook. While closing up one night Uncle Roy was careless and left his 22 pistol unattended. (The unsavory area of North First made the necessity of going armed) and his little grandson picked up the pistol and accidentally shot him. He spent over a year recovering and now is wheel chair bound. He is the only living sibling of my Mother.
Anyway, the long and short is this area will need more than statues to change the image.
The kitty justice is as long as killings, drugs and prostitutes continue in this area, a few statues, sidewalks and landscaping will never hide the image of that side of Nashville.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I just kept snapping photos of different views of our skyline.
OOps. To bad the people need electricity as the pole spoiled the view.
Not at the right time to catch the trees in their pink glory of blooms. This is the "Batman" building and the "Bullet " building.
The kitty justice is that Nashville is a nice place to visit.

Monday, March 21, 2011

As we were heading to McHenry Tractor Company, I took my camera along so I could play tourist. As we crossed the Cumberland river, I took my first few snaps. Prince asked me "What are you doing?" My response was I was playing tourist and captalizing on photo opts that presented themselves. The far right tallest building is the old National Life and Accident Insurance building where I worked for over twenty years in accounting. I spent most of my years on the 24th floor, then American General Life Insurance company bought us out and I spent a few years on 14th floor and the remainder on the 2oth floor. The state now owns the building and it is called the William Snodgrass Tower. During the years it was the NLT building, it was used as a giant billboard during holidays and special events.
The kitty justice is it no longer serves as a giant billboard therefore it lost its luster as a night time visual

Friday, March 18, 2011

Last weekend we went to Mz Bubble's and Mr. David's home to pick up a free toy. Mr. David's neighbor wanted to get shed of this mower out of his yard so who does Mr. David call but Prince. Puppy and his friend Will went along and helped load it on the trailer. The neighbor lady had told Mr. David that it had not been run in two years and had a gas leak. The man neighbor after the boys winched it on the trailer ask Prince "did you not try to start it?" He then told Prince he had used it last summer to cut his grass. Sounds like the man and lady neighbors have a failure to communicate. Was it one or two years?
On the way home Prince wondered why the man had asked the question. Therefore, when we got home, Prince turned the key and it started. He rode it all around the hill showing off the new toy and he was grinning from ear to ear.
It needs a little tender love and care and Prince will enjoy every minute fixin' it up.

The kitty justice is a MAN'S BEST TOY is FREE.

PS As I was standing in line the other day at the grocery store on the magazine rack was one with George Strait on the cover and it hit me that he dresses like Prince. Same shirt and jeans just adds a big belt buckle and hat. Now that made me 'SMILE'.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


May Love and Laughter light your days
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bing the best to you and yours.
Best Wishes to you on St. Patrick's Day and Always!

I received this blessing from my dear friend Merle across the many miles. One of my oldest and dearest blogging friends.

The Kitty Justice is this holiday gives me just another excuse to wear one of me favorite colors, GREEN.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When you start to take Maggie's photo, she will put her head down as she does not like the looks of the camera on my face. I found out if I ask her if she wants a cookie, she will tilt her head to one side and lift those soft ears to hear me better no matter if I do have a camera on my face.
The kitty justice is she did get a treat for her pose.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hawthorne blooms in the front hall. I love bringing flowers in for Mimi to arrange.
More outside blooms invaded the living room.
The kitty justice is the house seems more inviting with fresh blooms scattered about.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Instead of a glass, please pass me the bottle. That is exactly how you feel after you deal with Insurance company's and Prescription drug plans.
Mimi is 91 and she just cannot deal with the idiots and the recorded messages without getting upset so I take on the task. Her Insurance changed and her drug plan also changed. A new place to submit her daily prescriptions. We went to the doctor for a routine exam and she got him to write the 4 prescriptions that she got from the mail service, since it was now different. I filled out the form to Walgreens Mail Service AARP prescription discount program and mailed it along with her 4 prescriptions. I indicated we need one BP pill right away and the others needed to be placed on file so we could order when needed. I had registered her at their web page so we could order future prescriptions online.
Nothing came, on 2-25 I called the company and advised of the problem and they said it would be taken care of within 72 hours and they would over night the medicine at their expense. I was also told to call her doctor and get enough medicine to do until it could be mailed. Nothing came the whole week of 2-28 and she advised me that she would hate to see how long it would take if this was an indication of being mailed over night. I called Monday 3-7, they knew nothing about it and had no record and to call back in the morning and ask for the lady I had spoke with on 2-25. I called back on Tuesday 3-8 at 10 AM and was told that they could not transfer a call. On top of that she could find nothing either but would research the problem and someone would call me back that day. No call on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am now not feeling kindly toward any of their customer service folks and I call and ask to speak to the supervisor. At no time even when I asked 3 more times to speak to someone with a window or who she reported to, did she put anyone in change on the line but continued to whine if you will just give me the name etc I will try to help you. So when I gave the name and asked to speak with the person in charge again, she said you must be the daughter, we have all this information documented. We had to fax the doctor for authorization of the medicine. NOW AT NO TIME HAD I GIVEN THEM THE DOCTORS NAME RANK OR TELEPHONE NUMBER. But she gave me the fax number his name etc etc. Guess all that information FELL FROM THE SKY. As soon as they heard from him, they would ship the medicine and notify us by e mail when shipped. At this point, I was livid and so full of rage, that I would have become fully my Daddy's child.
I had truly been nice the first three times but today I did not go postal but what we in the family like to call "a partial Kirby fit". You don't want to ever see a full Kirby fit.
The kitty justice if you have a little bit of Kirby in you, you get respect otherwise the Christian side gets none. Sad world.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This is in our neighbors front yard. We can see this from our bedrooms. The Church bird feeder was her Mothers and her son had it redone for her. Unfortunately, the squirrels tore up the bottle and she now just uses it for decoration. All around the outside circle were beautiful purple crocus. In the middle she has planted 90 tulips. Can't wait to get a photo of them in bloom.
This is a close up of one bunch of crocus. Now aren't they delightful ?
The kitty justice is to have a neighbor who is welling to share her love of flowers.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mimi was given a cookbook "Gardeners' Gourmet" which was published by The Garden Clubs of Mississippi. The book was published 1970. We have been using one recipe for years and today I am sharing.


1 lb. ground beef
1/2 cup uncooked rice
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1/2 onion
1/2 green pepper
1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 1/2 cups of V-8

Slice pepper and onion and set aside. Combine rice, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Using a fork, I spread the ground beef in another bowl. Then I add the rice mixture and thoroughly mix the ingredients together form the mixture into 1 1/2 inch balls. Place the balls into a baking dish. I use a 3 quart dish with lid. Mix the Worcestershire sauce with the V-8. Place the sliced peppers and onions on top of the meat balls, then pour the V-8 mixture. Put covered dish into a 350 degree oven and cook for one hour.
The kitty justice is like all recipes I use, I have changed a couple ingredients to suit my taste. Afterwards you will lick your whiskers and say "Meow."

Friday, March 04, 2011

This is one of the many butter cups shattered over the front yard. They are near the box woods,some are around the small oak, some in front of the roses, at lots at a different nooks and turns. Several different varieties I love the delicate texture of each one. I have found the older ones have a pleasant fragrance whereas the newer ones do not have a fragrance.
This is the Hawthorne bush in between the box woods and in front of the basket ball court. The following photo is a close up. I will be cutting some today for Mimi to put in her Japanese vase she likes to use in the front hall.

No this is not a bloom but the green lace leaves of the lilac near the birdbath. Mother gave this to me when Puppy was small and I had it at the lake where it did not fare well so I brought it to the hill after Mother died in 98. It likes the spot where it was planted.
Last year, Prince and I dug up different butter cups from around the farm house and transplanted them around the old rake. Today it is not as warm as yesterday and the wind is so strong it will blow the tears right out of your eyes.
The kitty justice is to enjoy each little bloom as the gift it was intended.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A couple of weekend ago, we put up a corn feeder for the wild life. The first day, the deer would not come near the feeder but the turkeys had no qualms.
Before I could get my camera from the back of the house to take a photo of the sun rise it had already appeared so I took a photo of the deer instead. If you enlarge the photo you can count them and see how the sun is reflecting red off the holly tree.
It has been a wonderful day with spring like weather and I went out to find what was blooming. Photos in the next post.
I had not meant to do any laundry today but the Laundry Gods had other ideas. I had to wash four loads of bedding due to the fact that Mz Maggie threw up on my bed. Maybe she is suffering Vertigo too. I think not as her tummy was slightly upset yesterday and I think she just got too hot. It is all my fault as I started letting her up on the bed to sleep with me if I took a nap. Then she was allowed on the bed while I watched TV at night. Before long she would wait until the wee hours of the morning while we were sleeping and jump up on the foot of the bed to finish out her sleep.I gave in and started letting her get up on the bed as soon as we did and she was a full fledge member of the pack. Now I have to break her of the bad habit that I let her acquire. I think after I get her to sleeping on her bed all night both the 4 legged and 2 legged animals will be happier.
The kitty justice is it will be harder to break the 2 legged animals from encouraging her to get on the bed than it will be in retraining the 4 legged animal.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

This photo was taken last November when we had a sibling day. Little Brother and Sis.
To be the youngest of us three, my little brother has more health problems than either Sis or myself.
At the time the photo was taken he was still working. He knows more about plastic than most people even know is possible. He can pick up any plastic item in a store, tell you the compounds used and just how much it cost to mold the part. Anyway, the company he worked for is own by Warren Buffet. Yes, the one who is always on the news but the plant had the machines that he started his career on many many years ago. He had even put off an operation to finish a mold for the said company. His loyalty and work ethic were repaid with being laid off with a severance package. He like so many American workers today is now unemployed. Until June of this year he has to pay out of his pocket over five hundred dollars a month for insurance.
After he was given a stress to make sure his heart could withstand being put to sleep , he was scheduled for his left foot to be operated on today at around 10AM. Each foot and each hand need to have nodes removed therefore this is the first of 4 operations he will have to have. Each foot will take 4 weeks to recover from and each hand two weeks to recover from.
The kitty justice is a request today, please pray for my little brother, Sam, to have successful surgeries and recovery times and that a new job is out there waiting for him.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This is the second bunch of buttercups that we picked and enjoying on our kitchen table. The smell is heavenly.
Lots of them have buds and blooms on them in our yard. The reason we have had some unseasonably warm weather. Yesterday morning it was 71 degrees and last night it dropped to 32 degrees. Quite a change for flowers and people. It rained and rained and rained yesterday. We had tornado warnings until 1PM. Once again we on the hill were spared any damage.
Last Thursday night we had high winds and due to the oak blight we have several big oaks dead behind the log cabin. You guessed it one of them fell during the high winds and it blocked the road going down to the white barn. Puppy and Prince spent most of Saturday clearing the road and cutting up the logs into firewood. I gave them moral support while sitting on the four wheeler wrapped in my shawl and wearing ear muffs. It felt good to be outside with a world that was in place. I had another episode early Saturday morning but not as bad.
The kitty justice is this ole kat is getting better daily and today the sun is shining.