Monday, March 28, 2011

The above and below photos were taken after we ate at the new Applebee's restaurant on Highway 100. These Bradford pear trees were across the road at the Baptist Church. Within a week, they lost their white flowers.

The above photo is a Tulip Magnolia tree that is outside St. Thomas Hospital. I was looking up from the truck when I took the above photo and we parked on the garage roof and I got the below photo of the tree. As you can see the ground had already started to be littered with petals.
We have ridden down the Natchez Trace twice but each time the conditions were not advantageous to taking photos. First day it was too dark and the Red bud trees had just started to turn and this weekend it began to rain hard before we got to the Trace however, the Red buds were in full bloom. It is suppose to rain and stay cool the next five days and I am afraid by the weekend the blooms may have started to fade.
The kitty justice is that we are in full swing of one of the small weathers that we endure during the spring time. This winter is Red bud winter, then comes Dog wood winter, Locust winter and then Blackberry winter. Mimi said any white blooms showing causes a winter and I reminded her that the first one was Red bud.


Small City Scenes said...

My saucer Magnolia hasn't bloomed yet and as I looked at the buds I think they are frost or cold weather damaged---Oh C**p!! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

That is why I do not have one in my yard. They are beautiful when they bloom but ugly duckling when the cold weather gets them. Peace