Monday, March 28, 2011

During the cold winter we had two walk on cats. One has disappeared but the other was living under the dutch barn. Yes, I could not stand seeing the cat in the cold so I began to feed him. At first, I would leave dry food on the boat trailer fender so it would stay dry and be up high enough that Maggie would not eat the food.

Since there were two cats at first, I named them Moe and Larry. Well Larry is no longer with us but Moe has gotten to accept me as a food source. When he came up on the bottom back porch, I approached him with a can of moist food. He let me stand near him as he ate. Next few days I did not see him but continued to put out dry food. Then he appeared under the box bush and I took a can out and fed him again. This time I put my hand down and he smelled my fingers and let me rub him on his head. Last evening he came as I yelled "Moe, Moe, here kitty kitty. " and it was from the direction of the dutch barn . Maggie wants to chase him and I keep telling her that no one wanted him and he was cold and hungry.
I know I fed him so now he is mine but I could not let him starve.
The kitty justice is to get him tame enough to take him to the vet to check him out.


Changes in the wind said...

You are soft hearted and he is a lucky cat:)

Small City Scenes said...

Awwww---sweet kitty-- both of you. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I have been known to be called a fine lemon pie with a hard crust. LOL Peace

Thanks. As the saying goes "that kitty knew where to walk on". Peace

Patty said...

You are a good person. Our one daughter did that, then before she knew it, had about four cats running around out doors in the backyard, plus one cat and dog indoors. Then the four started having babies, she soon put an end to that, she has now had them all fixed. And if and when another comes up, they capture him in a cage, and relocate it, unless it looks really sick, then they take it to the vet and if it is sick, they have it put down. A funny (true story). One morning before they left for work, still dark outside, her partner saw something laying in the street. She went out and checked and they thought it was one of their black cats, so they took a plastic bag to pick it up, and her partner gave the bag to our daughter to hold, while she dug a hole in their flower garden. Our daughter said this cat feels awfully heavy, and her partner said they will feel heavier when they're dead, and about that time, their two black cats came up to see what was going on. Our daughter said to her partner, if this is our cat, then who are these two. By this time it was getting lighter outside. Sure enough upon checking closer, they have no idea who the cat was they picked up, but it's buried in their flower garden and she still had her two black cats running around out side. At one time they had as many as about 12 in the backyard, now it's down to about four, plus they have three indoors. The dog and other house cat have passed on and they are also in the backyard, well actually not the dog, he was cremated and he's in a small box on their mantle in their living room.

Debra @Tangerine Kitty said...

Oh my....Moe is beautiful. I am so like you, I hate to turn animals away.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ The new cat is lovely
and you are so kind. He looks quite at home in the photos. I also have enjoyed seeing all the buildings you have shown us. Some really nice churches etc. Glad you liked the entry into heaven joke - my favorite
one too. Thanks again for the e mails you send. I hope it is warmer
for you soon. It is cooler here, but we expect that. Take care, dear friend. Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you for your kind words. Sounds like your daughter and I would get along really well. Thanks for sharing the story. Moe is getting fat because my dear neighbor is also feeding him. All their animals are walk ons. Peace

I think Moe will be a great addition. A friend of ours asked "When is he gonna get to come inside?" I told her he was an outside cat and he and Sam cat would fight. All she did was go "yum hum". Peace

Thanks for your kind words. At least today we will get up into the forties. Yesterday the highest it got was 39 degrees. Burr. I think it feels colder when the trees are bloomin out and flowers start to bloom and the grass is turning green,green, green. Peace