Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love organization and easy and this product in my opinion is a winner. You put your items in the pouch and whalla you are organized. No searching in the bag for an item any more. Also, you just lift it in and out and in one swift movement you change purses with ease.
You do not have to order it from the TV ads but go to your local Bed, Bath and Beyond store and take a 20 per cent coupon with you. No shipping charge and a good price for you to be an organized person.
This is one of those items, you think "why did I not think of this."
The kitty justice is it is great unless you have a widdle bitty purse.


mississippi artist said...

Boy do I need one of these, I spend half of my time digging in my purse looking for things!

Small City Scenes said...

You mean you put that right inside your purse? Whew I am glad i don't carry a purse---but my friend carries a huge one and never can find anything. I will look for one. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Ms Artist
It is great and when you change your purse which I often do, it is now a simple task. Peace

You are only the second lady that I know that does not carry a purse. Interesting fact. Your friend will love the KO. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Regarding your comment on day4plus: I think it would be great to fix up that old RRC and make into any kind of retreat or haven. couldn't you imagine having a cool place to go to enjoy the solitude with a book and cuppa something. YES!! MB

DUTA said...

I'll check it on the web. Maybe I could buy one too. Thanks for the information.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks & Peace

I think you will enjoy having one as it sure is handy. Good luck with your search. Peace