Thursday, March 10, 2011

Instead of a glass, please pass me the bottle. That is exactly how you feel after you deal with Insurance company's and Prescription drug plans.
Mimi is 91 and she just cannot deal with the idiots and the recorded messages without getting upset so I take on the task. Her Insurance changed and her drug plan also changed. A new place to submit her daily prescriptions. We went to the doctor for a routine exam and she got him to write the 4 prescriptions that she got from the mail service, since it was now different. I filled out the form to Walgreens Mail Service AARP prescription discount program and mailed it along with her 4 prescriptions. I indicated we need one BP pill right away and the others needed to be placed on file so we could order when needed. I had registered her at their web page so we could order future prescriptions online.
Nothing came, on 2-25 I called the company and advised of the problem and they said it would be taken care of within 72 hours and they would over night the medicine at their expense. I was also told to call her doctor and get enough medicine to do until it could be mailed. Nothing came the whole week of 2-28 and she advised me that she would hate to see how long it would take if this was an indication of being mailed over night. I called Monday 3-7, they knew nothing about it and had no record and to call back in the morning and ask for the lady I had spoke with on 2-25. I called back on Tuesday 3-8 at 10 AM and was told that they could not transfer a call. On top of that she could find nothing either but would research the problem and someone would call me back that day. No call on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am now not feeling kindly toward any of their customer service folks and I call and ask to speak to the supervisor. At no time even when I asked 3 more times to speak to someone with a window or who she reported to, did she put anyone in change on the line but continued to whine if you will just give me the name etc I will try to help you. So when I gave the name and asked to speak with the person in charge again, she said you must be the daughter, we have all this information documented. We had to fax the doctor for authorization of the medicine. NOW AT NO TIME HAD I GIVEN THEM THE DOCTORS NAME RANK OR TELEPHONE NUMBER. But she gave me the fax number his name etc etc. Guess all that information FELL FROM THE SKY. As soon as they heard from him, they would ship the medicine and notify us by e mail when shipped. At this point, I was livid and so full of rage, that I would have become fully my Daddy's child.
I had truly been nice the first three times but today I did not go postal but what we in the family like to call "a partial Kirby fit". You don't want to ever see a full Kirby fit.
The kitty justice if you have a little bit of Kirby in you, you get respect otherwise the Christian side gets none. Sad world.


Anonymous said...

We have had similar problems with our mail order drug supplier. We changed insurance companies and had to go through the whole routine again. Patty does it for me as I would get pissed too quickly.

When we get a new pill, we either ask the doctor for samples to hold us until we can get the prescription or we ask the company for samples when we mail the prescription in.

Nowadays, however, the doctors type in the prescription while they are talking to us in the examination room and we have to ask where it is going so we can get it.

Patty said...

I don't even want to get started on this one. LOL Been there done it. funny thing is, when we changed insurance we can still get our prescriptions through the mail, and once our account is set up and there are refills, I just order them on line. But even though the prescription company is the same name, the one before was in Pa, this one is in Mo. I used a form I got from their web site to give to the doctor. The doctor faxed them in. Heard nothing, the one in Pa would send me email and let me know it arrived and etc. So finally i called them, they claimed they didn't have them yet, I explained it was faxed in a week ago. She then asked where I had it faxed and gave me a Fax number, it was different then the one on the form I ran off the computer. So I called the doctor's office gave them the new number and they faxed them in again. So then I fire off a letter about the mix up in the Fax number and why don't they make the change on the computer, got a reply and it said, either number will work. Go figure.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh isn't this just disgusting???? AND --it is so darn typical with most every company these days. It's not just insurance --but with other companies as well. It's just ridiculous...

We are on Medicare, a Medicare Advantage through Blue Cross. AND--due to all of the healthcare changes, we also had to change plans this year... Our new plan is not as good as what we had last year. BUT--we have had no specific problems yet. thank God.

Be careful (as you know now) with AARP. I wouldn't trust them to do anything for me... They say they are there for the retirees--but they are only there for our money!!!

Glad you are there to help your 91 year old Mimi. Hope things get worked out soon.


Lady Di Tn said...

Consider yourself a LUCKY MAN to have Patty do all this work. I do not get pissed off very often but Stupid is Stupid. When I do have a partial Kirby fit, I get physically ill for a couple of days as it is NOT ME and I have had to resort to such measures. I think it utterly ridiculous to have to mail order from Walgreens since there is one of their stores on every corner in Nashville. Only if they have the info in their computers can our doctor send the prescription on by computer. We had to get hard copies to send. Peace

Well, I am not alone with the disfuntional prescription company. I am of the opinion that the health of America is at the mercy of the Insurance companies. I feel any ones health care should be between them and their doctor. He is the one with the medical education, not the Insurance company employees. I think after the doctor and patient have meet and a form of treatment is made, the doctor should be able to give the patient a prescription or referal without the hassle of a Insurance company. Then we the patient should be able to go to any LOCAL pharmacy and pick up our medicines. I have never liked having any prescriptions by mail. One they can be stolen from your mailbox, two what about contamination, three if it is the wrong medicine, the time and effort to get it fixed can make it detramental to the patient. Our last mail order company filled the pills in one state and the pharmacy you talked to was in another state. Sounds like a prescription for ERROR TO ME. Peace

Glad to hear you have not had any problems. For years Mimi has had the same Insurance and the company who bought the company, who bought the company decided that retirees would have to pick form several Inurance plans. Next year if the choice is available, we will pick another plan for Mimi. I think about all the other retirees who might not have a DIL to deal with this hassle and my heart goes out to them as this is not something they desire. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry for all this skirt around business. Am afraid this is going to become the standard.

Small City Scenes said...

I have also had to do the prescription over the phone for my Mother (94) but so far all is well. She is very healthy with nly one moderate prescrip. My doc just phones any prescription into the pharmacy and there it is same day. I know I am fortunate and fortunate to be very healthy. MB.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it is getting worse daily. Peace

Your Mother and you have been blessed with being so healthy and also not getting the run around that so many of us have to deal with now a days.