Friday, March 04, 2011

This is one of the many butter cups shattered over the front yard. They are near the box woods,some are around the small oak, some in front of the roses, at lots at a different nooks and turns. Several different varieties I love the delicate texture of each one. I have found the older ones have a pleasant fragrance whereas the newer ones do not have a fragrance.
This is the Hawthorne bush in between the box woods and in front of the basket ball court. The following photo is a close up. I will be cutting some today for Mimi to put in her Japanese vase she likes to use in the front hall.

No this is not a bloom but the green lace leaves of the lilac near the birdbath. Mother gave this to me when Puppy was small and I had it at the lake where it did not fare well so I brought it to the hill after Mother died in 98. It likes the spot where it was planted.
Last year, Prince and I dug up different butter cups from around the farm house and transplanted them around the old rake. Today it is not as warm as yesterday and the wind is so strong it will blow the tears right out of your eyes.
The kitty justice is to enjoy each little bloom as the gift it was intended.


Changes in the wind said...

Great post today...lovely pictures.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks glad you liked the blooms in the yard. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Oh that bright yellow makes me feel warm all over. Ours are just getting ready to bloom--I think the snow held them back a bit. We are still have cold weather so unlike previous March---but that will change too. MB

Anonymous said...

Love that old rake.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Gorgeous spring pictures... I love your Daffodils (or Jonquils or Butter Cups or WHATEVER.. ha) in that last picture.... Ours haven't bloomed yet --but should fairly soon (unless the wind today blows them all away)... Yipes.

Patty said...

Beautiful little flowers, so far we have nothing coming yet, but I have seen a few stems for the daffodils. So perhaps Spring is on it's way.

DUTA said...

Breathtaking flowers! Lucky flowers ,to be in your tender care.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am glad that yellow has a nice effect on you. I always feel happy when I see yellow blooms. Our weather went back to the cold side yesterday and today. We built fires and watched the races and SEC women basketball tournament which was held here in Nashville. Peace

Thanks. Now if that old rake could talk, I bet we would get a book to read. Peace

Wasn't the wind howling. I have a very large wind chime on the lower back porch and it was playing a melodious tune. Thanks and Peace

According to my knowledge the old gal "Spring" is suppose to arrive on the 20th. We had a cold spell this weekend. Peace

You are so very kind. Glad you enjoyed my merger blooms. Peace