Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We drove down Dickerson Pike which turns into North First Street coming back from the tractor place and I had no idea there were Buffalo in the media .
There was no other traffic in sight, so I jumped out of the truck and took these photos. Prince put the info in google search and found a article 11-2-2008 which proceeded to tell a little about the statues. According to them, "Business owners along Dickerson Pike hope a herd of buffalo will help stomp out a negative image." The buffalo were slated to appear in 2009. According to history buffalo once roamed in the area and they are to pay homage to the area's history. There are 8 life size buffalo at North First Street at the cost of $100,000 to $200,000 provided by the state and local grants. There is a ten year plan to include sidewalks and landscape. For years, my Uncle Roy ran a tavern and barbecue place called R & R on North First Street. I never went into the tavern but the barbecue was the best in town. The Christian men could always cook. While closing up one night Uncle Roy was careless and left his 22 pistol unattended. (The unsavory area of North First made the necessity of going armed) and his little grandson picked up the pistol and accidentally shot him. He spent over a year recovering and now is wheel chair bound. He is the only living sibling of my Mother.
Anyway, the long and short is this area will need more than statues to change the image.
The kitty justice is as long as killings, drugs and prostitutes continue in this area, a few statues, sidewalks and landscaping will never hide the image of that side of Nashville.


Small City Scenes said...

That is a sad story---but I do hope the Buffs have some success with chaning an area. but you know it won't happen. I am surprised the Buffalos haven't been vandalized. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

So far they are in pristine shape and in that area of town it is a miracle. One careless moment with a weapon and life changes dramaticly. Peace

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ That buffalo is huge and
I hope it doesn't get vandalized. We have a lot of cows around Shepparton
painted various colors with crosswords, zebra stripes etc etc.
Every now and then, one gets dumped in the river. I am glad you liked the jokes. I hope your weather is warming. Ours is cooling for Winter.
Brrr. Take care dear friend, Love
and Peace, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

They are suppose to be life size and those beast are very large. The first one I ever saw was at a wildlife santurary and his head was as the biggest head I had ever seen. He put it down near a fenced area and I would swear it was almost as tall as I was. Huge Beast. We are having many of our little winters at the moment, I think it is Red Bud Winter since they are blooming. Stay warm. Peace

mississippi artist said...

You are so right, about statues and whatnot, the crime is the issue. We don't have much crime in our little town, but we do have a lot of immigrants that have moved in and their property(mostly rental) LOOKS SO BAD,it is bringing the whole town down. Now the city is thinking of putting up big decorative chickens-as chicken is our main industry. Well it might be a cute idea if the rest of the town looked decent-you can't put a silk dress on a pig and pretend it's a lady, now can you-it is still a pig.