Saturday, April 30, 2011

These photos of the Goldfinch were also taken on Easter Sunday in the middle of the day. Yes, they too were taken from the kitchen through our windows and screens. The following was taken from the Audubon cards that I located on one of my searches:
"Length 5 1/2 inches. This attractive little Finch, which is often called Thistle Bird, Lettuce Bird, and Wild Canary, is loved wherever known. Few birds are so sprightly and joyful. The undulating flight is accompanied by sweet and plaintive notes which make it seem that the Goldfinch, in the exuberance of its joy, is strewing the fields and meadows with song. It nests late in summer, after most other birds have reared their young. The nest is in trees or bushes and is made of grasses and moss, lined with thistledown or other soft material. Four or five pale bluish eggs are laid".
The kitty justice is I so enjoy this jolly pilferer of late summer gardens.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The first photo is of the gowns front and the second is of it's back. I place the dollar beside it so you can visual comparison.
Prince brought the tiny gown home in a SANDWICH baggy. He had recieved an a request to sponsor the gown which is a form of ministry at Baptist Hospital, 2011 March of Dimes-March for Babies. Later there will be a meeting where he and other sponsor can donate the tiny gown to the NICU .
The kitty justice is someone so tiny has a chance. Thanks be to God who has helped man make it possible.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

All these photos were taken on Easter Sunday during the middle of the day. I had to take them from inside the house through windows and screen doors so I think they turned out fairly good. Every time I would venture outdoors they would fly away so not to be out done, I just sat at the kitchen table very still and took advantage of the situation even through screens and windows, I think I got the essence of their beauty.

The Rose Breasted Grosbeak's have been here since April 9Th when we saw the first one on the feeder. Each year they grace us with their presents for a few weeks on their way to where they summer and sometimes we see them in the fall but not as often or as long as we do in the spring. Every day we sigh a sigh of pleasure when one or two stop to eat at our feeders. Then some morning soon they will no longer be with us and we will have only memories of the pretty birds dressed in their finery.
I hung up some No Melt peanut butter suet, that I found at TSC (Tractor Supply Company) and the males seem to enjoy the treat but I have seen very few females this year.
At 6 AM yesterday, a big flash of lighting and then a roar of thunder took out the cable and Mimi's telephone. It hit very close by but I have not discovered where as of yet. Anyway, the cable company came late yesterday afternoon and fixed the problem. Both splitter had to be replaced. Whew, glad nothing else was damaged.
Being without cable meant we did not have television either, so we did not know about the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa until Prince's brother called to let us know his daughter who goes to college there was okay. Mimi is a worrier "Big Time."
so the kitty justice is that she did not know until after the fact and was given good news.
It seems there are more tornadoes and devastation this Spring than usual.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I found Aunt Byrd wedding photo however, the image was so faint, I thought I would scan it and then work on it in my photo shop program.
I am not happy with either but they are better than the original.
The original photo was taken March 28, 1894 when she married Uncle Owen.
To be over a hundred years old, I guess the photo is not as faded as possible.
The kitty justice is you never know what you will find when looking for something that you have misplaced.
Now all yawl out there tell me which one you like best.

Monday, April 25, 2011

When the Iris began to bloom, they all popped out in a hurry. These are the bronze Iris shown up close in the first 4-23 post. The picture below shows the blue Iris that were shown in the 4-23 post.

I took the above photo on Saturday and by Sunday, most of these Irises were open. Two years ago I moved them from under the Cedar tree which is located on the right side of the cabin. A few bloomed last year but not quite as pretty as this year. The path in front of the flowers leads down to Puppy's cabin.
This photo and the next are close up of the Irises in the bed beside the path to the cabin.

Mz. Brenda brought these lovely Gerber daisies to Mimi for her birthday. At the moment I have them on our kitchen table and I wish to put them into a larger pot so its feet will be comfortable.
The kitty justice is the Hill is alive with color.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Friday, I looked out my bedroom window and saw something not seen on the hill. My neighbor had called Thursday and said we had a white dove on the hill. I thought it would go on about it's way and was surprised to see it still here and on top of their roof.
As I was getting nearer with my camera, she looked at me as if I had intruded on her nap.
I took several photos as fast as I could because I knew she would fly away any moment. I love the way the wind was blowing her breast feathers.
She decided that I was not a threat so she tucked her head back down.
As I crept closer she was not too happy of my constant attention so I left her along and started to take photos of the blooms on the hill.

After walked away, I turned back to see she had come to the ground to feed on the feast that Brenda had provided her.
I read on google that all pigeons are doves but not all doves pigeons. White pigeons are used for ceremonies such as funerals and weddings as they will return to their owners and a true dove does not have a homing gene. Also, a white doves tail feathers are longer than a white pigeons. I never saw the tail but the bird was too large to be a white dove.
Prince being the practical thinker that he is said someone must have turned some loose during a wedding or a funeral because we are close to both.
The kitty justice is I think the white bird appeared on Mimi's birthday to wish her good will.
This photo was taken when the snowball just began to get blooms. I thought the pale green of the blooms were pretty but knew to let them stay on the bush so they could turn white.

I put this photo in so I could tell you where the flowers are located. Brenda has a large bed of Iris just beyond the basketball goal, down the hill from the big trees. I have bronze ones in front of the three box wood bushes and a small patch of blues in between the three box woods and the one box wood on the right. Just behind the red ball yard art. The tree in the round circle is the pink dogwood that I used to make the header when it bloomed. This is on the right side of Brenda's Iris bed and only these are blooming now. The bed runs several more feet on the left side. Below is a close up of one of these.

These are my bronze Iris that are in front of the three big box wood bushes. The photo below is a close up.

This is a close up of the blue Iris that are in a small patch between the 3 box wood bushes and the one beside the walkway on the right as you step out the door.
These are Dianthus which are between the box woods on the left side of the walkway after you step out the door. On either side is one big box wood and then 3 more box woods on the other side. Behind the Dianthus I have purple heart planted , a row of butter cups and a pink Knock out rose bush. Also in front of the box woods, I have Lambs Ear, two kinds of ground cover and 3 Stella D Ora daylillies. Below is a close up of the Dianthus.

Above and below are photos of the pink Knock Out rose bush. I had two but one just up and died but the one that survives is really putting out some pretty blooms. Mimi enjoys seeing them as she walks down the hall.

I know this plant only by the name, Money Plant. Each little purple flower makes a coin size shape and when it dries you have a silvery bunch of coins that can be used in a dried flower arrangement. I usually pick off some and scatter them in other parts of the yard and someday I will have a yard of purple.
The pale green blooms have turned white and I was very happy to have as many blooms as I did because last fall I trimmed back my snowball bush and lilac bush.
The kitty justice is the lilac did not like the trim job and refused to bloom this year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

This is the oak that did not fall but was broken off several feet like a match stick. We hope this is the last one we loose this year. Prince and Puppy have quite a lot of work ahead of them to clear the oak that fell on Friday and the oak that snapped early this week. This tree is below the driveway and on the other side of the road that goes down to old pony barn.
Puppy and Maggie at play in the living room. She watches for him to come home from school as she knows they will have play time just as soon as he enters the house.
The kitty justice is that Puppies never get too old to play.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is the center piece for our Easter. No matter how simple you make the day and dinner, it takes lots of time to get prepared. We are also gonna celebrate, Mimi's 92 ND birthday at the same time we celebrate Easter on the Hill. I have had daily errands to run and today, I hope to finish the final one . I don't know about you but I like to make a list of things I need to do and set aside a day to complete the task.
The kitty justice if I get the task completed on the day I designate, anything else accomplished is Gravy.

BTW We had another storm Tuesday morning early and another oak came down but NOT near any lines this time, however, our cable service was out yesterday morning at the time I usually get on the computer. It was back on by mid morning but alas the time had elapsed and I never had time to get to the computer. Also, after both our phone lines were down from Friday until late yesterday afternoon. The AT&T guy was here all afternoon putting up the lines.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday evening I was reading about the civil war diary of Maggie that had been found and I missed a real close up of the balloon. Prince said he had a conversation with the riders as they came right over where he and Puppy were working on that huge oak.
Then yesterday afternoon I was entertained by a flock of thirty or more Goldfinches and when I finally went and got my camera only two were there for my photo opt. Check out how much more sky and the hills we can see with the big oak on the ground.
The kitty justice is that missed opportunities are sources of regret.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince picked these sweet smelling doubles for us. We call them doubles because there are 2 blooms on each stem. They come up late each year in the field between the white barn and the house. They were planted by a black man named Wilbur who had a little house in that area. I have been told that he and my FIL were good friends but both were gone before I came into the family.
A close up of the little blooms. Mimi placed them by the kitchen door in the front hallway. She said we could get a nice sniff each time we went by them.
This clematis is planted on the right side of the garage door and when you pull up to the house it greets you.
The kitty justice is to enjoy the blooms inside and out.