Sunday, April 17, 2011

The first photo is Prince surveying the damage of the fallen oak. We had rain and straight line winds on Friday and at thirty minutes pass noon, everything on the hill went dark. The following photo was taken after I had pulled the main switches on our house and the cabin. The big oak had been blown uphill and sideways. If not for those winds, it's natural path to fall would have been downhill. It took out the phone wires and electric wires between the 4Th and 3rd poles on the hill.

Curious Moe was inspecting the fallen tree early Saturday morning.
Late Saturday evening, the four wheel drive truck was brought on the hill.
At one time we had up to six NES (Nashville Electric Service) on the hill.
The gentleman in the bucket was one brave soul and finally they changed the angle of the truck so it would not raise up off the front wheels. This truck and another truck got stuck and a wrecker service had to be called to get this one unstuck.
He had to haul up a chain saw and cut off the damage to the top of the pole nearest the house. We were lucky they did not have to replace the pole.
A new transformer was put in place and the man in the bucket was amazing to watch work. I would run in out of the house to take photos because it was in the forties and damp and really windy. Burr.

The third pole up the hill was also damaged at the top. The cross members were removed and replaced with new updated gadgets. I know they have a proper name but this kitty does not attempt to pretend to know what it is called.
The above photo was taken without zooming in so you can see the actual distance. You cannot see the first and second poles as they are out of sight down the hill. These men had already put in a long day restoring power to many folks and we were only two houses so we felt fortunate that they arrived late Saturday. When you have been without power, these gentlemen are who you wish to see coming up your driveway. We should all give thanks to those who work long hours and in the worst weather . It was near mid-night when the last truck left the hill.
The kitty justice is not to take our modern day convenience nor the guys who do the work outside for granted. Playing little house on the prairie is not a novelty.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Di.... You all really had some rough winds... We got five inches of rain (according to our rain gauge) --and some wind, thunder, lightning, etc. BUT luckily we had nothing severe here... That storm caused so much trouble all over this country.... GADS!!!

Glad you are back up and running. Thank God for people who work to restore service to us after storms.

Lady Di Tn said...

There were thousand of folks without power in Davidson county after Fridays storm. I think we were lucky nothing fell on the house or cabin. Those men work in the worse weather and you have to take off your hats to them. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

This is so true....never really appreciate things until you don't have them.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow that little ol' tree did a lot of damage. I am glad you all were ok and you got these neat pics.
Lovely view you have. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for agreeing. Peace

We got lots of photos not much else to do with no electricity. We did have a generator but it was for the most important things. It is a mess to clean up. Prince and Puppy got the top of the tree cut up and placed in piles to haul off but there is lots more tree to go and lots of ruts to fix in the yard where their truck got stuck. Peace