Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Friday, I looked out my bedroom window and saw something not seen on the hill. My neighbor had called Thursday and said we had a white dove on the hill. I thought it would go on about it's way and was surprised to see it still here and on top of their roof.
As I was getting nearer with my camera, she looked at me as if I had intruded on her nap.
I took several photos as fast as I could because I knew she would fly away any moment. I love the way the wind was blowing her breast feathers.
She decided that I was not a threat so she tucked her head back down.
As I crept closer she was not too happy of my constant attention so I left her along and started to take photos of the blooms on the hill.

After walked away, I turned back to see she had come to the ground to feed on the feast that Brenda had provided her.
I read on google that all pigeons are doves but not all doves pigeons. White pigeons are used for ceremonies such as funerals and weddings as they will return to their owners and a true dove does not have a homing gene. Also, a white doves tail feathers are longer than a white pigeons. I never saw the tail but the bird was too large to be a white dove.
Prince being the practical thinker that he is said someone must have turned some loose during a wedding or a funeral because we are close to both.
The kitty justice is I think the white bird appeared on Mimi's birthday to wish her good will.


AngelMc said...

Wow, that is an awesome picture of her..or could it be a he? I too love the picture of the breeze ruffleing her feathers. Happy Easter.

Changes in the wind said...

What a treat..thanks for sharing.

The Vintage Kitten said...

What great pictures. I have never seen a Dove up close. We have a house not too far away from us that has a dovecote but I havn't seen any there. There is another garden we drive past and I have seen some Doves flying about but I have never been able to get a photograph so its lovely to see your pictures. X

P.S I saved you a chocolate egg!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the compliment and whatever it was it was a treat to see and photo. Hope your Easter was a happy one. Peace

Thanks and I was happy to share such a different occurrence on the hill. Peace

Thank you for saving me an egg. You are too sweet. All the years I have lived on the hill, I have never had a white dove appear before, so I was excited to share it with others. Peace