Saturday, April 23, 2011

This photo was taken when the snowball just began to get blooms. I thought the pale green of the blooms were pretty but knew to let them stay on the bush so they could turn white.

I put this photo in so I could tell you where the flowers are located. Brenda has a large bed of Iris just beyond the basketball goal, down the hill from the big trees. I have bronze ones in front of the three box wood bushes and a small patch of blues in between the three box woods and the one box wood on the right. Just behind the red ball yard art. The tree in the round circle is the pink dogwood that I used to make the header when it bloomed. This is on the right side of Brenda's Iris bed and only these are blooming now. The bed runs several more feet on the left side. Below is a close up of one of these.

These are my bronze Iris that are in front of the three big box wood bushes. The photo below is a close up.

This is a close up of the blue Iris that are in a small patch between the 3 box wood bushes and the one beside the walkway on the right as you step out the door.
These are Dianthus which are between the box woods on the left side of the walkway after you step out the door. On either side is one big box wood and then 3 more box woods on the other side. Behind the Dianthus I have purple heart planted , a row of butter cups and a pink Knock out rose bush. Also in front of the box woods, I have Lambs Ear, two kinds of ground cover and 3 Stella D Ora daylillies. Below is a close up of the Dianthus.

Above and below are photos of the pink Knock Out rose bush. I had two but one just up and died but the one that survives is really putting out some pretty blooms. Mimi enjoys seeing them as she walks down the hall.

I know this plant only by the name, Money Plant. Each little purple flower makes a coin size shape and when it dries you have a silvery bunch of coins that can be used in a dried flower arrangement. I usually pick off some and scatter them in other parts of the yard and someday I will have a yard of purple.
The pale green blooms have turned white and I was very happy to have as many blooms as I did because last fall I trimmed back my snowball bush and lilac bush.
The kitty justice is the lilac did not like the trim job and refused to bloom this year.


Small City Scenes said...

Goodness you have so much blooming right now. None of the plants you have shown are near bloom stage here. but they will be. It seems all the flowering trees and shrubs--except Rhodys---are blooming but no perennials.

Have a joyous Easter. MB

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous, Di..... Love your flowers.

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it seems like they sprang forth all at once. Maybe that will happen to yawl soon. So far it has been a very pleasant Easter. Peace

Thanks and spring is in the air here in Middle TN. Same to you. Peace