Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thursday evening, a tap, tap, tap came on our front door. Mimi and I had just finished dining as Prince was working late and Puppy has an evening class. The "Big Bang Theory" was on our Channel 5 blaring loudly . Mimi was doing our few dishes (before you wonder why I let my 91 year old MIL do dishes, well you have to let older folks do some activities to make them feel useful as it keeps them going) and she said "I think I hear someone at the door?" Again the sound Tap, tap, tap.
For no reason at all, Brenda had brought Mimi a vase of flowers to enjoy.
The kitty justice is to share this hill with such a thoughtful neighbor.


Anonymous said...

That was a really nice thing to do. And your photos enhance the look of the flowers and vase too.

mississippi artist said...

Very pretty. It is good to have nice neighbors.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Di, YES---older people need to stay busy and feed needed. IF she can wash dishes, then she should do it.... Just sayin'

What a nice neighbor... Those flowers are gorgeous... I'm sure that Mimi (and you) will enjoy them.

Lady Di Tn said...

I really appreciate your comments because I always try to emulate you. Thanks and Peace.

Thanks. We have enjoyed them and I took the blossoms who survived and made two arrangements of them, One for the hall and the other for the kitchen. We have been blessed with our neighbors. Peace

Yes we have enjoyed them and see my comments to MA above. Prince is always trying to do things for Mimi that she can do but I know how important it is for her to do what she can. When Dad was staying here before he died, I gave him a swifter duster and a swifter mop and our home has not been as dust free as it was when he was here. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful flowers--love the pink dogwood.

The Mousse sound pretty good. I may try it. MB