Sunday, April 03, 2011

Today I thought I would share the blooms in our neighbors yard. They were taken at different times and you will see how the progress of the tulips.

During the chilly weather, the tulips stayed closed. Check out the dogwood tree in the background. They have lights on it and when it is in full bloom and they turn on the lights at night, it looks like a white laced tree.
One of the first to open.
This beautiful yellow greets you and it always makes me feel happy when I am driving in and out the driveway.
A close up of the almond bush.
As Prince and I were headed out on an errand yesterday, I noticed the tulips were open.
Brenda wanted to know if I had ever seen stripped leaves and I had not. I am counting on MB to tell me what type of tulips have such leaves.
Another tulip but a little closer view.
I walked around the house to get this photo and I am glad I did. Makes you say "wow" when you first see the blooms.
We may have had some of those mini winters of late, but spring has arrived on the hill.
The kitty justice is to have such wonderful neighbors who share their beautiful yard with us.


Small City Scenes said...

Lovely flowers---all of them.
Having such a cold and wet Springthe Tulips are not blooming yet although the Daffs are. I have some striped leaved Tulips and I believe the most species tulips are striped. I have one called Red Riding Hood. Very small and bright red.
The yellow forsythia a always gorgeous--a sure sign of spring.

Changes in the wind said...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Spring pictures, Di.... I love Tulips and many of ours are blooming now. We have a storm coming ---so I hope there are some LEFT after all of this wind and rain....

Back from vacation --trying to catch up a little!!!!

LZ Blogger said...

Spring is just around the corner for us. Beautiful photos. ~ j///b
PS... to answer your question on my last blog post, I have been to 28 SO FAR... with just 30 left to go. Next NP I will be half-way to checking those off of my bucket list.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am looking forward to the photos of the fields of tulips you provide us each year. Peace

Thanks and I hope that with this comment it means you are feeling MUCH BETTER. Peace

Thanks. I hope your area did not get as much wind and rain as we did. Some of the winds were clocked at between 50-80 miles and hour. We were lucky that only a couple of limbs came out of the oak near the cabin but one hit the little flowering plum tree that sits between our house and the cabin. The neighbors had one tree come down and it fell up hill. Luckily it was in the lower portion of their yard and did not create any damage. Peace

Thanks. Wow, I am impressed with the number. It want be long I am sure before you are halfway through your bucket list. I will never get to them so I am looking forward to traveling with you via blog sphere. Peace