Monday, April 25, 2011

When the Iris began to bloom, they all popped out in a hurry. These are the bronze Iris shown up close in the first 4-23 post. The picture below shows the blue Iris that were shown in the 4-23 post.

I took the above photo on Saturday and by Sunday, most of these Irises were open. Two years ago I moved them from under the Cedar tree which is located on the right side of the cabin. A few bloomed last year but not quite as pretty as this year. The path in front of the flowers leads down to Puppy's cabin.
This photo and the next are close up of the Irises in the bed beside the path to the cabin.

Mz. Brenda brought these lovely Gerber daisies to Mimi for her birthday. At the moment I have them on our kitchen table and I wish to put them into a larger pot so its feet will be comfortable.
The kitty justice is the Hill is alive with color.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Di, Beautiful Irises.. Ours are blooming now also. I love Irises... My mother used to have them in our yard in my childhood home. SO special!!!!


Changes in the wind said...

Love the new header picture and my favorite was the white iris...just gorgeous.

Lady Di Tn said...

After I moved to Nashville, every time I would go home, Mother would take me around her yard showing me what was in bloom. In the front yard were 3 full rows across her yard and those rows had every color of Iris that she could collect. So Irises and walking around to see what is blooming brings back very fond memories of my Mother. Peace and Thank you.

The white one did not bloom last year so it was a nice surprise this year. I still have several Iris that I need to move from the shade around the log cabin and then when they bloom I will have more surprises as I know not what color they are since they have not bloomed in years. Peace

DUTA said...

A true delight to the eyes!
We have a popular song featuring the iris flowers - a delight to the ears.