Friday, July 01, 2011

 Outside the front door on the right is a large hickory tree that I surround each year with plants I pull out of their winter homes in the basement. The Peace Lilly is blooming. 
 To the right of the hickory tree at the corner of the house under the eve, I added a little color with the caladiums.  
 In front of the hickory tree is a patch of blue plumbago. I love the tiny blue flowers. 
 Across the driveway from the end of the house stands this old faith plant. 
 In front of the box wood I have Gopher Purge growing but it does not seem to do the task it was advertised to do. I still have moles and each of those seed pods will explode and thousand of plants will come up the following year. Wish I had never planted these because I spend a lot of my time pulling the seedling up. 
Out of all the plants I ordered last year, this is the only one that survived. Pretty Blazing Star. I was smart and ordered nothing this year. 
This is a ground cover that one of Mimi's friends gave her from her house on Signal Mountain. I have no idea what the name happens to be. 
 This pot of either Fish or Prayer sits under the two big box woods out front and can be seen from the inside of the house. 
 Looking across the driveway from Puppy's sidewalk. You can see the group of Blazing Stars with my Sage plant behind it. 
 A new ground cover that I am trying behind the box woods out front which can be seen from the hallway. 
 This is out of order. OOPs. This is one of many of the Cannas at the end of the house. 
This is my Rabbit foot fern which sits in a big yellow rock just left of the front door in behind a big box wood. 

The kitty justice is the outside container plants add to flower beds. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, So glad to get home and back to blogging. We did have a fabulous trip--but home is pretty nice also!!!!!

LOVE your header and background.... WOW!!!!!

Love also seeing all of your pretty plants and flowers... Gorgeous!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to see you home safely. Thanks and we flower girls must stick together. Peace.