Tuesday, May 08, 2012

 Before and after photos of the little side garden. I had just let it go for about ten years and the majority had been taken over by small trees, bushes and raspberries. You would think it would not take very long to clear a small plot off but Puppy took several days to clear and chop out bushes and trees. Then we had to take the Massey Ferguson and chains to pull up stumps. Finally it was ready to plant. Puppy need guidance as he had never planted a garden before so the ole farmer Mom helped and advised what had to be done. Note we kept some of the raspberries that had climbed over the fence. 

 I have my herbs seeds in pots and my tomatoes along the porch. After I fertilize and weed, I will put down newspapers and cover it with straw to keep out future weeds and keep the moisture in the ground. Puppy also wants to do the same with his garden. 
 Can you believe my clematis has climbed to the top railing and has begun to creep along the rail. 
Here is a close up view. After all the plants and seeds were in the ground and pots, I was cleaning up the trash and bagged up a couple of bags. I took them down the cat walk to the last trash can and yes I lost my balance twice and fell into the magnolia tree twice. 
Hope y'all enjoyed this post number 1,000. 
The kitty justice is the post is just another story of life on the hill. 


Small City Scenes said...

So glad you are back. My, farmer's work is never done. I hope Puppy has a wonderful garden.
Your Clematis is gorgeous. We are a bit later out here so no display yet. AND quit falling into the Magnolia. LOL

Jackie said...

I love "before" and "after" photos.
They are great!
It makes it look 'simple' to clear the garden spot, but one who has done it knows that it's not. Hats off to Puppy for his hard work (with Mama's help!)
The garden spot is beautiful. I hope that you enjoy every veggie and fruit that you harvest.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks, it is good to be back. It seems planting time is so much busier than any other time of the year. With March being so warm, we are running about a month ahead of schedule. Prince and Puppy picked cherries late Sunday and we put 5 1/2 pts in the freezer yesterday. This is work we do at the end of May or the beginning of June. The bad part was I thought I had righted myself when I fell a second time in the Magnolia. Not a pretty sight. lol Peace

Glad you enjoyed the before and after photos. I will pat Puppy on the back for you. It was lots of work and if he had not taken the bull by the horns, it would still be a jungle. I hope his garden does well as I would love to see him inherit the gardening gene as no one else in the family seems to have a clue. Peace

mississippi artist said...

This looks like a wonderful garden spot-good to rescue it. I need to redo my rasberry bed this fall. Glad you are o.k. from your falls.

DUTA said...

Wow, a thousand posts ! Congratulations!

Kudos to Puppy for his nice work in the garden! It looks beautiful.
It seems he's got your gardening gene.

AngelMc said...

Hi KJ. I have been gone for awhile, but I'm back...and I stopped by to visit. The garden is very cool, the clematis is devine.

Lady Di Tn said...

MS Artist
It is a great little spot and I too am glad to see Puppy's interest. Still trying to be careful and watch for magnolia trees. LOL

Thanks and I do hope he has that gardening gene. I have always love the phrase "Those who plant a garden believe in the future." Peace

Glad you have returned to bloggin, and I will pop over to see how ya doing. Thanks, the clematis is always a thrill to watch as it comes to full bloom. Peace