Wednesday, May 09, 2012

This was Sunday evening after a deluged of rain. Prince and Puppy had just gotten back inside from picking cherries when the sky opened up and mighty rain drops fell. 
Of course, Prince went outside after the rain and took the lots of photos. I only got a few which I have yet to download. 
The kitty justice is nature has a way of displaying promises. Do you see both rainbows?


Jackie said...

This is beautiful beyond words....
What a magnificent capture!

Changes in the wind said...

Yes I do and they are beautiful!

DUTA said...

Stunning capture of the rainbow!
Your mentioning of cherries makes my mouth water. I'm so fond of cherries! We have few places here where they could be grown, and the season is very short.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Jackie. Peace be with you.

Glad you saw both. Peace.

Thanks. The crop of cherries were smaller than usual and they came in a month ahead of normal schedule. I do believe it was the warm March we had here. Peace