Monday, May 21, 2012

We had planned for weeks to head out for a three day trip up to Center Hill Lake but alas as with the BEST made plans-------- 
It started Wednesday of last week, my throat on one side started getting sore. Thursday my head was like a giant melon which had been punched because a waterfall of mucus was running out of every possible exit. The tears rolling down my cheeks were bigger than most water balloons. Friday with every breath I took or if I tried to  utter a word, well I would cough up a lung. Friday night no one within ear shot got any rest as the deep croupy cough was like a fog horn guiding the lost ship (SLEEP) in from sea. Saturday only sporadic episodes of the fog horn could be heard. Sunday, well lets just say I did not go to Church. I do not think anyone would have wanted to shake my hand and say "Peace be with you."  Today,  my voice sounds like a poor imitation of Lou Rawls. 
The kitty justice is to stay home curled up under a blanket if you do not feel well. 


AngelMc said...

Oh honey, I know just how you feel. And there is no magic pill for bronchitis. Hope you feel better soon.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks AngelMc I am still hackin!!!!Peace

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My---Bless Your Heart... Hope you are feeling better now. Being sick is for the PITS....

Hope you still get that Center Hill trip....


Jackie said...

Oh my goodness!
Here's hoping that you are better very soon!!
What's with these "summer" colds/respiratory infections? They can be buggars. Take care of you!!

DUTA said...

Sorry for your medical problem (Hope it doesn't sound mean, but I rather like the colorful way you describe it).

My remedy for a sore throat is the undiluted juice of a half or whole squeezed lemon. For coughing I usually take eucaliptus honey.

Feel better soon!

mississippi artist said...

You be careful, my bronchitis turned into pneumonia. I am glad you are one of those people that doesn't spread germs far and wide. If people would just stay home when they are sick, so many would not catch it.Hope you are on the mend and will still get your get away.

Lady Di Tn said...

I do feel better but still coughing. My balance is a little off due to the ear problems. Maybe before summer is over we will get there. Peace

Being sick in the summer is worse than winter because the outside is calling yawl. Peace

Thanks Duta, glad you like my colorful prose. This is my second bout with this mess this spring and hopefully the last one this year. Peace

Thanks for the heads up about the nasty thing it can turn into. You did have a really nasty turn there for awhile. When I am sick, I usually act like a sore tail cat, and want to be left alone in my misery. Also, you can ask me how I feel just not twenty times a day. My father when he was alive was the worlds worse at asking you that ever five minutes or so. Bless his heart wonder how the Angels are taking his constant questions? Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I hope you are over this bout of sickness and that you have no more this year.
Thank you for the lovely cards for Mother's Day and also my birthday. They are lovely and much appreciated.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes.
Take care dear friend, Love and Peace, Merle.