Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Added some height

Every time I would pass by the dining room, I kept thinking that arrangement needs some height. So before I landed flat of my back I went into Michael's and found two small bushes that were sixty per cent off. I latched onto them and brought them home for the arrangement. Wha La they were the perfect addition if I do say so myself. 
Now for an update on my back, Puppy drove me to the doctor's office on Monday and I saw a doctor that is in the same group but not my regular doctor (he was on vacation in Colorado) and he said it sounded like a slipped disc. I got a shot in my right hip and some pills to take and if I am not better in four or five days, let them know. I was to continue to rest so my back would heal. 
The kitty justice is there is BOREDOM GALORE while lying around resting one's back. My fuzzy mind is on the slippery slope doom and gloom so any ideas how to reboot?


Betsy Adams said...

So Sorry for your back problem. This time of year, with gorgeous weather, is when we want to get outside and walk and enjoy nature. I'd be so upset if I had to be flat on my back. God Bless You, my friend....

Your arrangement has to be beautiful..Bet your table is pretty.

mississippi artist said...

I am like Betsy, sorry you are stuck inside in this beautiful weather. Hope your back will heal soon. That apple pie in your previous post looks so good. I have been craving apple pies this fall, lucky for me Wally Worls sells a good one!

Lee said...

Just take it easy, Lady Di. I know it's frustrating (I've been there...for almost two months, once...flat on my back!) I know it's not fun but you just have to steadily let it mend at its own pace.

Hugs from Down Under. :)

Changes in the wind said...

Auto books will be just what you need. Get a little Nano and connect to your local library on your computer and they will show you how to download some good books:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Betsy. Adding height to the arrangement help it quite a bit. I have been walking some and it does not hurt as badly so I am getting better but slowly. I did not take pain pills for over 18 hours to make sure it was not masking the problem. It was some so I can now not take so many of those pills. I hate taking pills of any kind. Thanks for your thoughts. Peace

I wish lived near as I would share my apples with you. Thanks for your well wishes. Peace

I am trying but it is really hard to remember I have limitations. Peace

I have Auidibles on my Ipod so I need to check into the library, Thanks Peace

Small City Scenes said...

I'll echo what everyone else has to say and add that the time spent resting (boring) means you will get better faster. I am still recovering from Surgery, staph infection and to top it off manipulation of the knee and then don't move for 6 weeks. HA!!! Now I go to therapy to bend this consarn knee. I shall persevere. MB