Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall is Coming

There is still lots of Tennessee green however, here and there the sprinkle of FALL'S COLORS are arriving along with a slight chill in the air. 
The kitty justice is soon we will find piles of leaves to jump into with abandonment. 


mississippi artist said...

I bet it is beautiful up there.It seems the trees are slow to turn here.

Changes in the wind said...

Miss this here in our area few change colors and in fact still using the AC.

Lee said...

Tennessee seems to be such a beautiful state. And around where you live at Nashville, particularly lovely, Lady Di.

Great place to be for some very good music, too!!

Lady Di Tn said...

We are blessed with an array of color this time of year. Peace

No AC here, even hot nature KJ has put on some long sleeves and socks. Peace

Nashville is a great place to live and since I am a native Tennessean, I am really proud of our state. The west is very flat, the middle is hilly and the east has the Smokey Mountains. And the music is diverse as the scenery. Peace