Friday, January 25, 2013


My dear friend Peaches sent out New Years Wishes on cards with one of her Angel paintings on the front of the card. I adore her work, so I proceeded to locate a frame to put her beautiful card on display. It now sits in the hallway above the tile of Angels that she painted. 
I have also put a Guardian Angel on Mz Merlot's rear view mirror to help protect her from any more dents. Would you believe that dent cost 923.55? I am still awaiting a check from the woman's insurance company.  
A couple of days ago, her Insurance company called and said they would be sending me a check for 867.00. I said why were they not paying me what I had to pay the repair company. It was not my fault. He back pedaled and said "you have already paid for it?" When I said I had, he then said he would send me the correct amount. It has been over a month. When I first heard from them, the guy said I hear you have a LITTLE dent. I told him very quickly that it was not little and it mess up the whole side of the door plus the door handle. 
The kitty justice is not to let the Insurance companies bully you. Stand up for your rights. 


Small City Scenes said...

Her Angel card is beautiful. Then again your cards are great too.

Insurance companies---hmmmmm. I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut. MB

Lee said...

Go for it, girl! Stand your ground! Don't back down! :)

Beautiful card and worthy of framing.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I guess we feel about the Insurance Company like Lawyers. I think Shakespeare should have included more professions than Lawyers in his statement. Peace

I did and still waiting for the check. Thanks and Peace

Changes in the wind said...

What a pretty angel...glad you framed it.