Saturday, January 26, 2013


I awoke this morning to no ice but the Fog would rival this photo. We could not even see the fence line it was so heavy. However, it has gradually begin to lift and we were gifted with a wonderful sight. A very healthy looking bob cat crossed the hill below the old fence line and headed to the pond. I have always heard that they only live where the environment is healthy. 
Now I have a question for yawl. Have you ever spent the day in your pj's without being sick?
Since I have had another birthday, I have thought I would try things that I have never done but nothing " risky". Thus, the question. I spent the day in my pj's yesterday just to see how it felt . Might I say after lunch it began to feel rather strange, now I did by chores as usual but in pj's. My older sis, had told me last year that if she did not wish to dress, she just stayed in her pj's. I had never entertained that idea because I usually dress to fit the task of the day. 
The Kitty Justice is that I have tried it and will continue to truss up my fur in the clothes that suggest what I need to accomplish.


Small City Scenes said...

Fog is ok but I love when it lifts and you had a most marvelous site when that happened. Lucky you. We had about 4 solid days of heavy fog and I was glad when it lifted---but no beautiful cat heading for the pond.

I don't like to stay in my night clothes for all day---even when I am sick (perish the thought). I like to shower and put on real clothes right away, but since I have been with Bob we 'linger' longer. Blush MB

Patty said...

I have a day now and then when I don't get dressed until almost lunch time. but then all I'm doing on those days is sitting at the computer. Time to fix Abe some lunch, girls jsut left to eat out and do a little shopping.

Jackie said...

You go girl!!!
Love the fact that you spent a day in PJs and you weren't sick! Love that! see a bobcat must have been incredible.
Love sunrises, sunsets, many things that I can't even begin to list.
Thank you for sharing a lovely portion of your part of this great country.
Hugs and love,

Lady Di Tn said...

We had sunshine, after the fog disapated. We started out cloudy today with rain to appear later and hang around for a few days. Then the cold air is to return at the end of the .week. It is always special to be gifted with wildlife sights. Peace

So it sounds as if you have not spent a whole day in pj's. Peace

At 63 I need to experience a few non daring thing so that was the first one. I hope to do at least one a month. Sound as if we are a kindred spirit when it comes to nature. Peace

Betsy Adams said...

I love fog ---and you can get some great pictures while looking at the fog...

The ice missed you, didn't it? We got ice--but it wasn't too bad here, thank goodness.

I put on my comfy sweats the first thing in the morning and stay that way ALL day long...


Lady Di Tn said...

I love fog also as it is like God has put a privacy curtain around our world. Comfy sweats sound good. The last one we got rain only but the time before when the temps dropped we had ice for 2 days. Peace